HI STA Aluminum 'S' Type Load Sensor

 The HISTA Aluminum Load Cell is an S-Type sensor for low capacity installations

The HI STA is an aluminum S beam load cell available in capacities from 5kg to 20kg (l l lb to 44lb). The sensor is rated to IP67 and features improved potting. The S beam configuration provides a robust, accurate solution for low-capacity general tension mounted industrial weighing

The sensor can be mounted standalone or using threaded rods.

HISTA Aluminum Low-Capacity Load Cell

Rated Output (ES): 2±25% mV/V
Max # Verification Int: 5000
Zero Balance: <±1.0 % R.O.
Combined Error: <±0.03 % R.O.
Creep @ 30 Min: <±0.03 % R.O.
Temp Effect Output: <±0.0026 % RO /°C
Temp Effect Sensitivity: <±0.0015 % load /°C
Input Resistance ohm: 410 ±5
Output Resistance: 350 ±3
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000 Mohm
Excitation: 5 - 15 vdc
Safe Load Limit: 150 % Emax
Ultimate Load: 200 % Emax
Sensor Material: Aluminum
Sealing Potted:
Protection EN 60 529: IP67
Warranty: Two years