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Blending by Rate

Blending by Rate

Batch blending by rate control is a "loss-of-weight" application where multiple ingredients are added to a single vessel at the same time and the rate at which they are added is measured and controlled.

Hardy controllers along with a PLC/PAC dispense ingredients from weigh hoppers and/or feeders. They open and close the dispensing gates or valves of weigh hoppers that are mounted on, or suspended by, one or more load points (load cells and mounting hardware); control the rate of flow of material through feeders on load cells or sitting on platform scales.

Multiple feeders can be set up in a Controller-Device configuration for automatic ratio tracking. This allows for the simultaneous blending of multiple ingredients resulting in faster product through-put.


Typically, setpoint flow rates of Controlled ingredients are a ratio of the actual flow rate of the primary ingredient. The flow rate of the primary ingredient can be determined by the Hardy Controller, but can also be determined by other instruments such as a fluid flow meter.

In some instances, the setpoint flow rates of the secondary ingredients are a ratio of some other parameter in the process, such as temperature or pressure. If the primary material rate of flow (or parameter) goes up or down the other ingredients will follow.

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