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Weighing Applications

Level Measurement by Weight

Typically deployed in one manufacturing area: STOCK (inventory management). Predominately used where a “low accuracy” level indication will do e.g., +- 2% to 10% of full capacity. In these applications weight can be used to calculate the level (height) of a material in a silo, vessel, or tank. The level is expressed as a percentage e.g., 0% (empty), 36%, 50% (half full), 71% and 100% (full). Often high and low alarms are added to announce the silo level is approaching a desired max desired inventory level, or min inventory level that indicates it is time to reorder material for this silo.

Level Measurement by Weight

Depending on the accuracy required, load cells are installed under the legs of a multi-legged vessel (e.g., 3, 4 or more legs). As an example, on a 4-legged silo, vessel or tank a single loadcell could be installed under 1 leg (lowest accuracy system), or 2 loadcells could be installed under 2 legs (higher accuracy). The more loadcells that are installed, the higher the accuracy. This application works better with materials that are self-leveling because the center of gravity does not move between the legs.  Read more in Level Measurement vs Weight and Industry 4.0.

Hardy has multiple products that can be installed to manage this application:

  1. HI1746 (PLC plug-in module, includes integrated level measurement function)
  2. HI2151/30 (instrument, includes integrated level measurement function)
  3. HI3010 (instrument, includes integrated level measurement function)
  4. HI3030 (instrument, includes integrated level measurement function)
  5. HI4050 (instrument, includes integrated level measurement function)
  6. Any Hardy PLC plug-in module or Hardy instrument IF level functionality is executed in a PLC

See the Hardy Application Note on Level Measurement for more information