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New HI6800 Weight Controller

Weight-based Application Control
Throughput Weighing

Throughput Weighing

Whether you are working with solids, liquids, or gases, weighing provides accurate and repeatable results allowing you to know how much of that material is still on hand and how much has been used. The container receiving the material can range from small cans, bottles, or bags to silos, trucks, railroad cars, barges, or ships.

An automatic throughput bulk weighing system utilizing a PLC and a Hardy weight controller is designed to control incoming or outgoing material in your shipping and receiving operations. The system measures and stores draft requirements, totals, tolerances, and individual weight compensation offsets for multiple separate materials. The system analyses weight data generated by load cells to accurately measure and totalize the flow of the bulk material.

Scale fees (truck or track) are only one of many things that can add to your shipping costs. Throughput systems eliminate the risk of having to pay overage fines or take a reduction in profits by under-filling.

Individual ingredient weight can be tracked with Hardy's totalizer feature, which keeps track of total amounts of net weight that has been filled or dispensed. Bar graphs give a visualization of the amount being filled, dispensed, or totalized. In addition to filling and dispensing, Hardy controllers can also be used to control or monitor the rate of flow of material and batch ingredients. The Totalizer feature can also track how much raw material by weight remains in the tank or silo.

Our Value Propositions

Hardy’s solutions deliver accelerated returns on investment, by enhancing productivity and adding value across the supply chain.

  • Meet cost, quality, flexibility, and regulatory challenges — from raw material through final shipment
  • Optimize utilization of valuable and limited human, physical and financial assets, and minimize waste while satisfying demanding consumers and retailers
  • Make your manufacturing more agile, allowing for quick product line changeovers and rapid system conversions for new product introductions
  • Maintain your workers, machinery, processes, and products in a safer environment

Hardy’s solutions are easy to install, configure, commission, operate, and maintain. They are safer to maintain and save you time, money, raw materials, and/or finished product. Visit our Case Studies to learn more.