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New HI6800 Weight Controller

Weight-based Application Control
OEM Machines

OEMs & Machine Builders

At Hardy, we can help you deliver. You know that change can be difficult and costly. But, on the other hand, you appreciate that development and innovation are key to maintaining a competitive advantage and satisfying customers. At Hardy, we understand your challenge. By choosing us as your process weighing partner, you can face these customer demands and meet the challenge, while also maintaining your profitability.

What Matters?

You design and manufacture industrial automation machines or equipment and understand that one solution does not fit all. You build machines with different levels of automation and are looking for flexibility. You are seeking innovative ways to reduce your TCD (the Total Cost to Design, Develop and Deliver) and shorten the time to market while trying to apply sustainable production practices.

That’s what matters.

In short, you are trying to help your customers and yourselves to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Meet customer specifications
  • Reduce risk
  • Differentiate your systems
  • Maximize revenue
  • Maximize profitability

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Many OEMs and machine builders have told us that differentiating themselves in the market is their biggest challenge. While their customers have fewer projects and smaller capital budgets, there is greater competition from a broader base of OEMs. Customers are focused on cost first, but continue to demand more functionality. As a result, many OEMs struggle to balance the cost and design demands of their customers.

Get it Right Early

Developing, testing, and refining your machines can be a waste of time, money, and resources. You realize you can’t be an expert at everything. So how do you avoid the trap of spending hours and hours, trying to meet tough customer specifications, when you don’t really have deep experience in the area of process weighing?

You partner with Hardy and leverage our expertise, experience, and solutions. We can help you take a shortcut to the best solution and reduce both your development cost and time to market. Getting it wrong has always been easy. Getting it right with Hardy is a far better option.

Helping you Meet Your Business Needs

We measure, monitor, control, and inspect material by weight or flow rate. Our technical support team will not only help you establish which type of weight measurement and control best suits your application but also guide you on application and integration. The resulting solution is tailored to meet the business needs of your customer.

Hardy Process Solutions Weighing “Capability” Inventory Management
Material Batching/Blending
Finished Product packaging
Product Inspection
Measure - Level icon check      
Measure - Weight icon check icon check icon check icon check
Measure - Rate   icon check icon check  
Monitor - Setpoints icon check icon check icon check  
Control - Feeds   icon check icon check  
Inspect - Weight       icon check

Supporting Your Business Every Step of the Way

At every stage in the life cycle of your machines, Hardy will be your business partner. From design to build to operation and maintenance, you can count our resources. Take advantage of our products and services. You will lower your total cost to design, develop, and deliver while improving your time to market. You will be better equipped to react quickly to change, increasing profits and attracting new customers with high-performing, innovative machines.

Download Hardy Weighing Solutions for OEMs

Hardy Process Weighing “Applications, Industries & Solutions”
Inventory Management
Material Batching/Blending
Finished Product packaging
Product Inspection
Industrial Manufacturing
Mining, Minerals & Cement
Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Discrete Process Applications (Static Weighing):  
Scales (Bin, Tank, Hopper & Silo) icon check icon check icon check                  
Scales (Bench, Portable & Floor) icon check icon check icon check icon check                
Scales (Monorail) icon check icon check icon check icon check                
Scales (Crane) icon check     icon check                
Scales (On-Board)       icon check                
Scales (Livestock) icon check     icon check                
Scales (Counting) icon check icon check icon check icon check                
Controller (Check Weighing)       icon check                
Batch Process Weighing Applications (Dynamic Weighing):    
Scales (Mono Rail)     icon check icon check                
Controller (Check Weighing)   icon check icon check icon check                
Controller (Loss-In-Weight Dosing)   icon check icon check                  
Controller (Gain-In-Weight Filling)   icon check icon check                  
Continuous Process Applications (Dynamic Weighing):    
Scales (Belt) icon check icon check icon check icon check                
Scales (Impact) icon check icon check icon check icon check                
Scales (Throughput) icon check     icon check                
Controller (Loss-in-Weight Feeding by Rate)   icon check                    

Here are a few examples of how we help you add value:

  1. Your customer’s batching or blending equipment skid has tight material feed specifications. We can help you select the most effective method to measure and control the weight or rate of material feeds on your process skid.
  2. Your customer has a packaging line that you are integrating your filling or dosing machine into, but you have to deal with potential flow rate and product variations on the filler. We can help you design the most effective weighing solution to meet the packaging specification.
  3. Your customer wants to eliminate costly black box, green board product inspection equipment, specifically by switching to dynamic and static check weighers. They want to migrate to off-the-shelf equipment (PLCs, HMIs, and weighing instrumentation). This is equipment that they are familiar with and can be easily modified for their application and maintained. We can help you select, design, and apply a solution that will satisfy their need.

Having a business partner like Hardy on hand to help you answer these questions is the most effective way to satisfy your customer’s quality constraints and at the same time achieve the most profit for their plant. By utilizing the experience and expertise of the engineers at Hardy, you can be sure of arriving at the optimum solution.

Value is What Matters

We are building a unique product portfolio specifically for OEMs. Our Hardy Process Toolbox delivers an array of value propositions that reduces startup, operation, and maintenance costs. Value for you and your customers is what really matters.

Here is a list of some of the values that we offer:

  • Superior quality/price
  • Solutions with features focused on productivity
  • An OEM product portfolio that ranges from “just enough” to “best in class” capability
  • Local inventory or 5-day delivery (in most cases)
  • Faster build times
  • Quick setup / commissioning / ease of use
  • Touch & Go support

At Hardy, we are focused on Process Weighing and enabling OEMs to deliver solutions that their customers value. Please call us to take advantage of our products, our solutions, and our very experienced team of people.

Make Hardy your business partner and see the difference!