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Hardy’s solutions deliver accelerated returns on investment, by enhancing productivity and adding value across the supply chain. Hardy’s process industrial weighing scales and solutions are easy to install, configure, commission, operate and maintain across a wide range of industries and processes. Our industrial weighing scales are safer to maintain and save you time, money, raw materials and/or finished product.

Food & Beverage

More than ever before, safety and compliance are primary manufacturing concerns in the food and beverage industry. Freshness and shelf-life are increasingly important. Producing quality goods at the lowest possible cost puts you at the competitive edge. The key to sustaining performance is your ability to increase your number and mix of products while prioritizing food and beverage safety and security to protect your brand image and value in the market. Hardy can help you respond to these daily challenges.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Hardy process weighing solutions support the manufacture of a dizzying assortment of household and personal care products such as Bath & Shower Care; Laundry Care; Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals; Dental & Oral Care; Hair Care Products; Skin Care Products; Hygiene Products; Personal Care Products; OTC Drugs & Vitamins; Herbal Supplements; Tobacco Products.

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Chemical & Petrochemical

Our process weighing solutions support the 4 major segments of the chemical industry:

  • Base or Commodity Chemicals (polymers, petrochemicals, bulk and intermediates, other derivatives, and basic industrials and fertilizers
  • Specialty or Fine Chemicals (electronic chemicals, industrial gases, adhesives/sealants, coatings, industrial/institutional cleaning chemicals, and catalysts)
  • Organic Chemicals (dyes, pigments, and inks)
  • Life Science Chemicals (differentiated chemical and biological substances, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, animal health products, vitamins, and pesticides)
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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing is most clearly defined by durable and non-durable goods manufacturing. Other manufacturing industries covered include Automotive, Electronics, and Semiconductors; Glass, Metals, Rubber, Textiles, Paper, and Plastics; and fabricated and non-fabricated Wood products. Many products in this industry are sold primarily for use by businesses rather than directly by consumers.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Our process weighing solutions support the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, including pharmaceutical preparations promoted primarily to the dental, medical, or veterinary professions and pharmaceutical preparations promoted primarily to the public.

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Mining & Minerals & Metals

Our process weighing solutions support manufacturers across mining, minerals, and the cement industry segments. Globalization, heightened competition, higher production requirements, and increasingly stringent environmental standards continue to generate enormous pressure to optimize operations.

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