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Plant Stakeholders


Plant Stakeholders

Hardy has been providing superior quality weighing solutions for process and packaging since 1918 and has established itself as an industry leader in weighing worldwide. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum, forest products, aggregate/mining and glass all rely on Hardy products and weighing expertise to provide timely, accurate data and control for their process and packaging lines.

Weighing Solutions for Manufacturing Job

No matter what role you serve in your plant, you can use Hardy industrial weighing scales to lower the total cost of ownership. Whether you are a controls engineer, process engineer, plant manager, maintenance manager, or purchasing agent, Hardy helps drive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) up, no matter where those solutions are located in the manufacturing process.

We help our customers take on their challenges at the least total cost. Our solutions deliver reductions in waste while enhancing OEE, quality, safety, and productivity. They do this by increasing yield and reducing downtime by as much as 51%, compared to other industrial weighing scales. Hardy products meet industry standards and are easy to integrate. Contact us today to find out how we can help you deliver a lower total cost of ownership on one of our industrial weighing scales while simultaneously increasing safety and improving OEE.

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