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Process Engineer

NOW, I NEVER DOUBT MY SCALES. I KNOW MY PROCESS CAN DELIVER! I used to have a lot of concerns about our weighing system – were the scales accurate enough? Did they have the speed and resolution to control the process effectively? I don’t like to guess. I need to know up front that my system will work the way it’s supposed to. When we switched to Hardy, I finally felt I was in control. With Hardy, I know the process is going to work before I start it up, and production knows they can count on me to deliver every time. — Paul, Process Engineer


How HARDY improves OEE with Faster Installations, Calibrations and Diagnostics

Hardy has the expertise and innovative solutions to assist your team in reducing cost and increasing yield, while limiting downtime and achieving improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Hardy products are easy to install, configure, commission, operate and maintain. They are safer and save you time money, raw materials and/or finished product. By implementing these simple built-in Hardy process weighing tools, you can increase your Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE), safety, and reliability today.

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High Performance Weighing at the Lowest Total Cost

Highest OEE

Process Weighing Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Did you know that there are industrial scales that don’t take hours and hours to calibrate and/or repair, improving OEE?

Many plants report that their scales take too long to calibrate and/or repair, holding up production. That’s happening because they don’t know that there’s a better solution.

Our customers have installed more than 110,000 Hardy weight indicators or controllers on their silo, tank, platform, and bench scales, providing them with the fastest scale setup, calibration, and diagnostic tools available.

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Fastest Calibration

Process Weighing Calibration

Did you know you can calibrate a scale without test weights as accurately and just as quickly?

If you’ve thought that using test weights is the only way to calibrate a scale, you’ve been misinformed.

Our customers have installed over 150,000 pre-calibrated Hardy C2® load cells under their silo, tank, platform, and bench scales.

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Fastest Diagnostics

Did you know a scale can diagnose itself faster and more reliably than any scale technician can?

If you’ve thought that contracting a scale technician is the only way to diagnose a scale, you’ve been misinformed.

Our customers have installed over 110,000 Hardy self-diagnosing weight processors or controllers with our integrated technician (IT) and web server technology on their silo, tank, platform, and bench scales.

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