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Level Control by Weight

In addition to level measurement, Hardy weight instrumentation can also maintain a level or level range in a vessel. For example, a “low” setpoint can initiate a refill of the vessel so as not to run short of the material while a deadband or second “high” setpoint ensures a high level or illuminates an overfill condition, even while its contents are in motion.

To weigh a storage vessel, it must be supported entirely by load cells. For example, a silo would have a load point assembly (load cell & mounting hardware) under each leg. A frame is constructed to transfer the weight of a skirted silo to three or more load points. Some vessels can also be hung in tension to save valuable production space. Horizontal storage tank saddles are retrofitted with load points to accommodate vessel expansion and contraction with changes in temperature.

Calibration of Large Vessels Made Easy

Hardy's C2® electronic calibration, eliminates costly scale calibration fees, especially on large storage vessels. C2 allows you to electronically calibrate, even with the material in your vessel. With large systems, this feature can pay for itself in just one calibration cycle.

Advantages of using Hardy weight processing in level measurement operations:

  • Lower long term costs
  • Accurate weight/level
  • Operates at high speed to seamlessly integrate into the production process
  • Quality - consistent customer satisfaction
  • Legal compliance – reduced fees and compliance costs; security in continued operation

For more information, check out our Level Measurement vs Weight and Industry 4.0 Application Note.