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New HI6800 Weight Controller

Weight-based Application Control
Vibration Eliminator

WAVERSAVER® | Vibration Eliminator

Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that surrounding vibration has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight reading.

Machinery such as motors, mixers, blenders, vibrators, conveyors, and even forklifts operating around your scales are necessary to process materials. However, each machine can introduce a unique vibratory force to the scale, causing fluctuating weight displays and inaccurate batch weights.

Hardy's exclusive WAVERSAVER® technology:

  • Ignores unwanted vibration on and around your scales
  • Enables accurate weight readings
  • Enables other process activity while you weigh
  • Improves batch quality and speed
  • Eliminates wasted product
  • Eliminates the need to reset the instrument if vibration levels change periodically

WAVERSAVER® enables you to weigh line conveyors, augers, and even mixers while they are running and can be adjusted to ignore signals above 0.25Hz with virtually instantaneous response. No complex poles or corner filters need to be tuned.

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The following simplified explanation describes what WAVERSAVER® does, without attempting to describe how it does it.

WAVERSAVER® is a combination of software and hardware which allows accurate weight readings despite vibration. To perform this function WAVERSAVER® has many of the characteristics of an automatic filter. It allows load cell signals to pass, while it attenuates (reduces) noisy signals. The primary advantage of the WAVERSAVER® technique is the ability to perform this function without changing filter setting for each application. Averaging is used by most process weighing industry manufacturers to ignore the impact of product moving on and off the scale.

WAVERSAVER® is a program designed by Hardy Process Solutions to ignore in-plant vibration that causes fluctuations in weight readings. All Hardy Instruments with WAVERSAVER® also have an AVERAGING feature. 

WAVERSAVER® settings are 0.25hz, 0.5hz, 1hz, 3.5hz, and 7.5hz. Some models have an OFF setting. The lower the frequency ignored, the longer it takes to generate a final weight reading. This time frame is used as a rolling average so you do not have to wait this amount of time for each reading. At each update, the oldest reading is dumped and the newest reading added. After one time base, the weight readings are current at the update rate. The approximate times to generate a weight reading are as


  • 25.0 Hz = 20 ms
  • 15.0 Hz = 33 ms
  • 10.0 Hz = 50 ms
  • 7.5 Hz = 60 ms
  • 3.5 Hz = 120 ms
  • 1 Hz = 500 ms
  • 0.5 Hz = 1 seconds
  • 0.25 Hz = 2 seconds (only available at 110 sps)
  • WAVERSAVER OFF = 0 seconds.

WAVERSAVER® is standard on all Hardy products except the 2201/2204 strain gage level indicators.