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Net Weight Dispensing

Net Weight Dispensing

Whether you are working with solids, liquids, or gases, weighing provides accurate and repeatable results. Dispensing (or dosing) consists of taking material off or out of the scale as a loss-of-weight process. The container receiving the material can range from small cans, bottles, or bags to silos, trucks, or railroad cars.

Supply bins in loss-of-weight applications are suspended (Tension) or supported (Compression) by load points to weigh the dispensed material into receiving containers. Hardy controllers can open and close the discharge gate or control the rate of flow from a feeder, while precisely weighing the loss of material from the scale. Relays in a Hardy controller are designed to automatically refill the supply bin when a programmed weight is reached.

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Hardy instruments that are used for dispensing include weight, and rate controllers. The Hardy HI 1756-nDF for ControlLogix®, the HI 3010 Filler/Dispenser, and the HI 4060 Rate controller all have the applications pre-programmed while other controllers supply stable accurate weight for programs that run in other devices. Hardy instrumentation works with standalone systems or connects to host computers, PLCs, PACs, or DCS. Track total net weight with Hardy's totalizer feature, which adds the total amount of net weight dispensed. High resolution and fast update rates allow for the precise cut-offs required for the dispensing process to ensure accuracy.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

Dispensing into Intermediate Bulk Containers is also associated with Loss-of-weight systems. IBCs are suspended (Tension) or supported (Compression) by load points to weigh the dispensed material received into containers. IBCs are often exchanged in the middle of a dispense operation when they run out of material. A Hardy rate controller retains the original amount dispensed from the first IBC in memory so that it knows how much material is required from the second IBC to complete the desired weight in the receiving container. Without this feature, excess material would be lost from overfilling when switching.

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