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Gross/Net Weight Filling

Gross/Net Weight Filling

Whether you are working with solids, liquids, or gases, weighing provides accurate and repeatable results. Filling consists of putting material on or into the scale as a gain-in-weight process. The container receiving the material can range from small cans, bottles, or bags to silos, trucks, or railroad cars.

In plants everywhere, the measurement and control of these raw material and finished product events happen many hundreds of thousands or millions of times a year. Even a very small error in every filling event, adds up to a very large number after 365 days.

Download Part One: The 4 Sources of Filling and Dispensing Errors

Download Part Two: Solutions to Filling And Dispensing Errors

Instrumentation and Control

Hardy industrial weighing instruments for filling include weight, and rate controllers. The Hardy HI 1756-nDF for ControlLogix and the HI 3010 Filler/Dispenser both have the applications pre-programmed. They can be incorporated into standalone systems or connected to host computers (PC), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), or Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Total net weight can be tracked with Hardy's totalizer feature, which keeps track of the total amount of net weight that has been filled. Bar graphs give a visualization of the amount being filled or totalized. In addition to filling and dispensing, Hardy controllers can also be used to control or monitor the rate of flow of material and batch ingredients.


High resolution and fast update rates in Hardy's controllers allow for precise cut-offs required for the filling process to ensure accuracy. Hardy controllers have the ability to account for the in-flight material that is not yet on the scale when the valve or gate is closed. A preact can stop the filling process earlier in order to compensate for the material in-flight, so it doesn't overshoot the desired weight. If the final weight falls under the desired amount, Hardy's "jog" feature slightly opens the gate or valve for a selectable period of time to bring the weight into tolerance. The preact can be either user-selectable (Manual), user selectable and self-adjusting (Reactive), or device selectable (Predictive)

Hardy’s solutions deliver accelerated returns on investment, by enhancing productivity and adding value across the supply chain, They are easy to install, configure, commission, and operate, safer to maintain, and save you time, money, raw materials, and/or finished product. Visit our Case Studies today!