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Piece/Portion Weighing

Piece/Portion Weighing

High resolution and fast update rates in Hardy controllers allow small parts, portions, or pieces to be weighed for retail packaging. For example, metal parts in package, chicken parts in a grocery package, and produce in a bag are often weighed as they are packed.

Hardy can supply standard load cells from 6 lbs. to 660,000 lbs along with its instrumentation to provide the required accuracy. For applications requiring smaller capacities contact your local Hardy engineer.

Hardy industrial weight instrumentation can also provide simple counting. It's so easy! Just place a sample part on the scale. Set the system Span to 1 in the calibration menu and place a portion of like parts on the scale. The instrument will give you the quantity.

Hardy’s solutions deliver accelerated returns on investment, by enhancing productivity and adding value across the supply chain. Hardy’s solutions are easy to install, configure, commission, and operate. They are safer to maintain and save you time, money, raw materials, and/or finished product. Visit our Case Studies today!