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Accurate Weighing Solutions - The More in Control You are, the Better

In managing a business operation, the greater the ability you have to monitor what is going on with the production process, the better. Not only that, but being able to monitor what is happening accurately allows you to exert more control over the outcome, including profits. Hardy Process Solutions, a commercial weighing and industrial scale company, has been in business since 1918. Since our beginning we have done nothing but specialize in measurement solutions for clients around the world.

Choosing the Right Load Cell

When measuring large loads as part of your storage, shipping or production process, special equipment is needed. That equipment will often involve the use of a measuring component called a load cell. Hardy Solutions offers a variety of different types of load cells, and choosing the right one for the type of loads you handle is crucial.

Commercial & Industrial Scale Systems for Greater Productivity

Could your company benefit from accurate weighing scales and technology? Hardy Process Solutions serves manufacturers and processors by purveying a wide array of products designed to improve operations for companies in many industries. Having the right weighing and processing solutions in place will streamline various applications within your company, allowing you to meet the global demands and regulatory requirements of the industry you work within. With greater process management and overall efficiency, you'll develop a stronger organization that's capable of exceeding customer demands.

Compression Load Cell Products Offered by Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy compression load cells are durable and versatile designed with premium stainless or alloy steel materials. Used for the monitoring of weight using compression forces, Hardy Advantage® load cells use true glass-to-metal hermetic sealing to deliver reliable protection to sensors in demanding industrial environments.

How Manufacturing Engineers Use Load Cells

Although you are probably not aware of it, you come into contact with load cells on a regular basis.This technology is used on things like the industrial floor scales you would find in the loading dock of a busy shipping department. The purpose of load cells is to measure the force, weight, and torque of an object by measuring the bending movements of the load cell structure. Precision measurements can be taken once and then recorded or used as part of a monitoring system, which makes them very important in a variety of different industries.

Important Considerations When Choosing A Digital Weight Indicator

Installing a new scale, or replacing an existing weighing system, gives you the opportunity not just to upgrade to the latest in technology. This is true with all components of the weighing system, including the digital weight indicator. These devices range from the very basic --providing only the weight readout-- to a more advanced options that can connect to your industrial manufacturing system, either PC, PLC or DCS. These will not only display the weights at the scale but also transfer information to the manufacturing system.