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Original Hardy team from 1918


Our Story

Hardy Process Solutions began in 1918 as Hardy Scales. Since then we've designed, built, and installed virtually every type of scale imaginable. In 1984 Hardy Scales was purchased by Dynamic Instruments, Inc. and we changed our name to Hardy Instruments, Inc., and in 2011 to Hardy Process Solutions, as we redefined our business focus.

Your Partner in Weighing Since 1918

Since 1984 we've developed a full product line of weighing solutions for process & packaging. We have listened to our customers and focused the company's design efforts on solving the most difficult challenges in process control and industrial weighing:

  • With WAVERSAVER®, we eliminated the effects of vibration on scale readings
  • With Remote I/O, we were the first company to connect weighing instrumentation to Allen-Bradley PLCs without programming software drivers
  • C2® eliminated the need for test weights when calibrating and INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® allows system diagnostics and troubleshooting from the instrument
  • For further integration with Rockwell Allen Bradley PLCs, we were the first weighing company to develop add-on-profiles and faceplates
  • Our Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher Series is the first to offer in-motion checkweighing with open source programmability, off-the-shelf Rockwell components, and ease of integration into The Connected Enterprise

Our ADVANTAGE® line of Load Points and Load Sensors have elevated the standard load cell transducer to a new level making extra cost features standard and making their certs available online 24/7.


Hardy Over the Years


  • Hardy Scales founded


  • Name changed to Hardy Instruments


  • Recipient of large contract for scales and computers with USPS


  • Introduction of WAVERSAVER and Secure Memory Module (SMM)


  • Introduction of the HI 2160RC Rate Controller


  • Introduction of the world's first Remote IO interface in a weighing instrument
  • Recipient of the 1992 USPS Top Quality Supplier Award


  • ISO 9001 registration


  • Introduction of C2, Second Generation Calibration


  • Introduction of the HI 1771WS Weigh Scale Module for Series 5


  • Introduction of the Profibus option for the weight and rate controllers


  • Introduction of DeviceNet Weigh Scale Module and INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN


  • Introduction of Cockpit software, and the SLC 500 HI 1746-WS Weigh Scale Module


  • Addition of the HI 1756-WS ControlLogix Weigh Scale Module and the HI 2160RCPlus to the Process Weighing line


  • Introduction of the HI 3010 Filler/Dispenser Controller, the first of the 3000 Series
  • Introduction of the HI 2110 Weight Indicator and ADVANTAGE Lite Load Cells


  • Introduction of the HI 3030 Multi-Scale Weight Controller, part of the 3000 Series, and the ANY-WEIGH Bench Scales
  • Recipient of the 2002 USPS Quality Award


  • Introduction of the HI 3600 Machine Monitor, part of the 3000 Series


  • Launch of nationwide field service. Introduction of the HI 1769-WS MicroLogix &
  • CompactLogix Weigh Scale Module, and the ANY-WEIGH Floor Scales


  • Partnership with B+L to open a European office


  • Introduction of the HI 4050 Weight Controller


  • Hardy Instruments acquired by Roper Technologies


  • Hardy Instruments becomes Hardy Process Solutions


  • Introduced the HI 4050CW Check Weighing System and the HI 1756-nDF dispenser filler for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs
  • Introduced the Easy 8 for the Micro800 line of Allen-Bradley PLCs


  • Introduced the HI 6500 series of weight processors, the HI 6300 series of weight processors, and the HI 6010 Summing Box


  • Introduced the new HI 6600 Series of Modular Sensor System, a revolutionary concept that separates communications and weight processing, enabling up to 30 sensors to communicate through one gateway
  • Began shipping the HI 6500-PB, a Profibus-DP version of the popular HI 6500
  • Introduced a new line of platform scales including Hardy Bench Scales and Hardy Floor Scales
  • Greatly expanded Hardy's sensor portfolio, including compression load cells, tension load cells, and a new line of single point load sensors


  • Launched a new line of Lift Deck Floor Scales to provide more solutions for washdown environments
  • Introduced a wide range of new Load Cell options for OEMs and Systems Integrators and expanded the Advantage and Advantage Lite Shear Beam families


  • Introduced Integrated Panel Solutions, a new line of Digital Weight Indicators, and the fastest weight processor in the industry, the HI 6500-XP Extreme Processor
  • Introduced Hardy OneMount Load Points, which are extremely easy to install and maintain


  • Introduced the Dynamic Checkweigher Series of in-motion checkweighers using a Rockwell platform with open source, off-the-shelf components and premier integration with Rockwell
  • Introduced the HI 1734-WS for POINT I/O systems, offering fast stable weight with an AOP and Faceplate


  • Hardy Updates its ISO Certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


  • Introduced the HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processor with a color touch screen


  • Introduced the HI 8000IS series of Intrinsically Safe Indicators for weighing in hazardous areas


  • Hardy Introduces the HIBSD Bench Scale with display.


  • Hardy Introduces the HIBSX Washdown, Low-Profile and UL Hazardous Bench Scale 


Predictably High Performance In 2022, Hardy was acquired by Indicor,  which provides specialized, mission-critical products for industrial  manufacturers, and a portfolio of proven, best-in-class companies for their shareholders. With decades of experience producing dependable, highly-engineered  solutions, Indicor businesses deliver performance and value that are difficult to find anywhere else.