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Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager

My success depends on getting the best equipment and services at the lowest total cost to own and operate. That means our scales have to be accurate enough to avoid wasting materials and products.

Hardy makes it easier to do my job. With Hardy, I know exactly what we need and how to plan my purchasing needs, so operations and production can meet their goals, and I can meet mine.

— John, Purchasing Manager

Fastest ROI


Did you know that there are industrial scales that deliver a much lower total cost to own and operate, increasing your ROI?

Many plants report that their scales take too long to calibrate and/or repair, holding up production. That’s happening because they don’t know that there’s a better buy.

Our customers have installed more than 110,000 Hardy weight indicators or controllers on their silo, tank, platform, and bench scales, providing them with the fastest scale setup, calibration, and diagnostic tools available. Because they need less attention and work longer hours, they cost less to operate and deliver a much quicker payback.

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Our scales reduce integration time by up to 66%

Our scales reduce setup time by up to 50%

Our scales reduce calibration/repair time by 38 to 51%

Our scales are available for production 27 hours more per year