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New Hardy HIBSD Bench Scales with Display Integrated 7-inch backlit displays and checkweighing functions make new bench scales easy for operators to use.

New Hardy HIBSX Bench Scales
New new line of bench scales that are easy to clean, low-profile and all stainless-steel construction.

Hardy Delivers Caseweighers in Record Time!
Hardy Process Solutions delivered a set of Caseweighers and reject systems against an urgent need for a large fruit farming operation located in central California.

New Hardy Caseweigher for Product Inspection
Hardy’s all New Caseweigher machine is designed for simplicity using off-the shelf components and a PLC control platform to afford users enough flexibility to meet both current and future control needs.

New HI 8000IS Intrinsically Safe Series for Hazardous Installations
High-performance weighing instruments designed to operate in hazardous areas in accordance with U.S. UL, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and with Canadian Standards

Hardy Continues to Serve You During the Covid-19 Crisis

New HI 6200 PROFINET Single Channel Processors  New HI 6200 PFN operates within PROFINET Conformance Class A (CC-A) as single network devices. 

New Hardy HI 6200 Analog Single Channel Weight Transmitter  Powerful 4-20mA Transmitter in an Ultra Compact Package

Small But Mighty HI 6200 Solves OEM Design Problem in Retail Setting

New Clean in Place Checkweigher Perfect for food  and other washdown applications

New HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processor Designed for OEM Applications

New Version of E-Scale IIoT Bench Scale Now Even Easier to Connect to Enterprise Networks

Hardy Adds New Clean In Place Dynamic Checkweigher New Dynamic CIP features advanced hygienic design

Hardy Adds Hundreds of Fully Assembled Panels Designed for Easy Weighing Integration USA Manufactured in a UL508A Certified Panel Shop

Hardy E-Scales for The Connected Enterprise  Designed for applications in Dry Food Processing, Pharma and CPG

Hardy Safe, Easy Weighing Solutions for Hazardous Areas Load Cells, Scales and Junction Boxes meet  Local & International Safety Standards

Hardy Celebrates its Centennial Year 
Founded in 1918, as Hardy Scale Co.  

Integrated Panel Solutions Simplify Complex Weighing Applications 
Manufactured in the USA in a UL508A Certified Panel Shop in type 4 or 4X enclosures

Dynamic Check Weighing Machine on The Connected Enterprise™ Helps Prevent Overfilling Expense Dynamic Checkweighers were able to diagnose and reduce overfill rates through process optimization with filling machines. 

HI 1734-WS Weight Processor for POINT I/O Breathes New Life Into Aging Machine

Hazardous Area Certifications for Hardy Floor Scales Also Includes Weightless Calibration and Integrated Diagnostics

World's First  Bench Scale for Industrial Internet of Things  Hardy E-Scale Integrates Weight Processor Into Scale Head

New Version of HI 6600-PB for Profibus
Delivers Up To 28 Channels of Stable Processed Weight Over A Single Profibus-DP Connection

HI 6020IT & HI 6020JB Summing Boxes Now With Hazardous Area Certification  Stainless steel versions now with Class 1, Div 1 or ATEX and IECEx

HI 1734-WS Weigh Scale Module for Rockewll POINT I/O  Exceptionally easy to mount, set up, calibrate, and maintain with Add-On-Profile (AOP) and Faceplate - APRIL 2017

Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher Future Proof, Open Source Check Weighing Machines, Designed for Seamless Integration and Built with Off-the-Shelf Parts, Now Shipping - Mar. 2017

 New Low-Capacity Hardy OneMount™
Designed for dynamic checkweighing, hoppers, conveyers and other low capacity applications. - Jan. 2017

Hardy Introduces New Dynamic Check Weighing System: Fully Integrated, Open Solution Based on Rockwell Controls - Nov. 2016

The New Hardy OneMount™ - Sept. 2016

Unique new load cell design significantly reduces installation, calibration and maintenance costs


20th Anniversary of Industry’s First
Rockwell Automation® PLC Weighing Modules
- August 2016

Hardy is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its breakthrough process weighing Plug-in modules for Rockwell Automation PLCs/PACs. Hardy was the first weighing company to engineer and manufacture PLC Plug-In Weight modules.

Hardy Achieves Premier Integration with Rockwell Automation® Logix® Systems for Process Weighing - June 2016

Easy Connection on the Backplane or Over Wire Coupled with AOPs, Faceplates/AOIs Reduce Systems Integration Time Up to 90%

Hardy Doubles Speed of HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor - May 2016

Hardy Doubles Speed of HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor for OEMs - May 2016

Hardy has again doubled the speed of the EtherNet/IP® enabled HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor by increasing the update rate from 300 to 660 updates per second, providing a PLC with a new weight reading every 1.5 milliseconds (previously 3.3 milliseconds).

 New Footed Load Cells - May 2016

New Footed Load Cells Allow Manufacturers To Easily Integrate C2® Electronic Calibration Into Existing Process Operations

Free, Easy-to-Use HMI Faceplates for Rockwell® PLC Plug-In Weigh Scale Models - April 2016

Free, Easy-to-Use HMI Faceplates for Rockwell® PLC Plug-In Weigh Scale Models Info for Engineers - April 2016

New Pre-Programmed Faceplates/AOIs Reduce GUI Development Time Up to 90%

Durable, Reliable Hardy Floor Scales Now Offered in Custom Sizes for Industrial Weighing & Washdown - March 2016

Durable, Reliable Hardy Floor Scales Now Offered In Custom Sizes to Make Integration Into Process Skids Easier - March 2016

Hardy Process Solutions now offers custom sizes for Hardy Floor Scales and Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales

Hardy is First to Include Set-Up Wizard With Weight Processors - March 2016

Hardy now provides a Set-Up Wizard for its HI 6500 and HI 6300 Weight Processors that greatly reduces the setup time and complexity typical of industrial weight processors.

Hardy  Selected as a Top Supplier of Weighing Systems in Control Magazine’s 2016 Readers Choice Awards - February 2016

Hardy has been honored again as a top supplier in Control Magazine’s 2016 Readers Choice Awards. The annual awards are based on the input of more than 1,000 global Control subscribers, who nominate suppliers based on their real-world experience with specific products and brands.

HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor Delivers Highest Speed and Accuracy on the Market at Low Cost - February 2016

HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor Delivers OEMs the Highest Speed and Accuracy on the Market at Low Cost - February 2016

The new HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor is an EtherNet/IP® enabled weight processor that can process and output 300 updates per second of processed (stable) weight.

Hardy Updates PLC Plug-In Scale Modules And Lowers Cost - November 2015

Hardy announces their scale modules, designed for Rockwell PLCs and PACs, now deliver higher update rates and a lower cost per scale. Hardy’s HI 1756 and HI 1769 plug-in weight modules now update at 100hz.

New EtherNet/IP Swivel Mount Digital Weight Indicator - November 2015

New HI 6500 EtherNet/IP Digital Weight Indicator now available in a Swivel Mount Enclosure designed for harsh and heavy wash down environments.  The robust design is made to withstand the most demanding industrial installations.

Hardy Returns To Rockwell Automation Fair® With More Checkweighing Tools - November 2015

Hardy's latest HI 4050CW checkweighing instrument is available fully integrated in a “case checkweigher”. The 4050CW has been updated, it easily integrates via EtherNet/IP to Rockwell PLCs and PACs and accommodates analog/strain gauge load cells.

New Load Cell & Scale Portfolio For Hardy EtherNet/IP Weight Processors & Controllers - November 2015

Hardy has expanded its load cell and scale portfolio to provide OEMs and End Users with tailored solutions to meet their specific process requirements.

New Swivel Mount Digital Weight Indicator - September 2015

A new Digital Weight Indicator in a Swivel Mount Enclosure is designed for harsh and heavy wash down environments.  The robust design is made to withstand the most demanding industrial installations. Made in the USA using 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, the enclosure is rated for IP66/NEMA 4X environmental conditions and is delivered containing either the Hardy HI 6500 or HI 6300 series weight processor.

New Durable, Reliable Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales Are Designed For Industrial Weighing & Washdown Applications - June 2015

Hardy Process Solutions now has a new line of lift-deck wash down scales to meet the needs of the most demanding, clean applications.  The New Lift Deck Floor Scale Family offers Weightless Calibration and Built-in Diagnostics.

New Hardy Bench Scales Offer Performance and Choice of C2 Electronic Calibration - November 2014

Hardy Process Solutions has announced a new family of Hardy Bench Scales designed for industrial weighing applications in industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods and chemical processing.

New Hardy Floor Scales - June 2014

Hardy Process Solutions now has a new line of wash down floor scales at very competitive prices. These floor scales combine best-in-class durability with Hardy’s core features: weightless calibration (C2®) and operator diagnostics (INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN®). Hardy Floor Scales offer manufacturers multiple ways to reduce their maintenance costs and downtime.  

Hardy Delivers up to 30 Channels of Stable Processed Weight to PACs, PLCs, DCSs, or PCs Over a Single Fieldbus Connection - August 2014

Hardy Process Solutions announces the new HI 6600 series of EtherNet/IP® enabled modular weight processing systems with a Rockwell EDS_AOP.  Unique system architecture and modular design allows OEMs and System Integrators to configure between 1 and 30 channels of stable, processed weight over a single fieldbus connection – providing the lowest cost per channel of weight into a PLC, greatly simplifying wiring and network addressing, all in an ultra-compact power efficient design. For Word Version Click Here

Hardy has Released a  Profibus-DP Communications Option for its Field-proven HI 6500 Series of Weight Processors - April 2014

The new HI 6500-PB series sets the standard for meeting the process weighing needs for a low-cost, fast, high-resolution Profibus-DP weight processor.

Hardy HI 4050CW Check Weigher Now Supports Analog and Digital - November 2013

New Load Cell Options and Rockwell EDS Add-On-Profile  Now Available for RSLogix

Hardy Now Shipping New Faster, Higher-Resolution Version of the Popular HI 4050+ - November 2013

Rockwell EDS file for building an Add-On-Profile to ship in January

Hardy Announces Three New Products at Automation Fair - November 2013

New EtherNet/IP Series of Weight Processors with Big, Bright Multi-Channel Displays; Faster, Higher Resolution HI 4050+; and New Analog HI 4050CW Check Weigher

New HI 6500 EtherNet/IP Series of Weight Processors - October 2013

Hardy Process Solutions has announced the new HI 6500 series of EtherNet/IP® enabled weight processors with a Rockwell Add-On-Profile (AOP). They have a big, bright multi-channel display and deliver fast, high-resolution weight readings.

Hardy HI 6310 with Multi-Channel Display Now Shipping - May 2013

Hardy Process Solutions today announced the new Hardy HI 6310 instrument is now shipping.  With the largest screen in its instrument class, the HI 6310 weight processor can display weight readings from up to four instruments at the same time on one display.

New 6300 Series Weight Processors - March 2013

Hardy 6300 weight processor

The new Hardy Process Solutions HI 6300 series family of weight processors is designed to strike the optimum balance between price, quality of weight reading, flexibility and ease of use. Plus it has the industry's largest display for easy reading from across the plant floor. Read more...

 New HI 6010 Summing Box from Hardy - January 2013

New HI 6010 junction box from Hardy

Hardy’s new HI 6010 Summing box is a critical component in a weighing system that also enables use of key Hardy core technologies - C2®, eCAL™, and Integrated Technician® (IT).  The summing box distributes excitation voltage to up to four load cells and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the Hardy weight controller… Read more...

HARDY at the Rockwell Automation Fair – November 2012

Hardy at Rockwell Automation Fair

This year Hardy Process Solutions comes to automation Fair even more tightly connected to Manufacturers’ needs and  Rockwell Automation’s products and channel… Read more...


Easy 8 Performance Upgrade:
Micro800 PLC Plug-in Module Now Twice the Speed! – September 2012

Easy 8 for PLC

Hardy Process Solutions has just released a newly enhanced version of the Easy 8 weight processing Plug-In-Module.  The enhanced Easy 8 is now shipping at the same list price as the original release... Read more… 


Hardy Introduces New High Speed Check Weighing Bundle – August 2012

Hardy 4050CW check weighing

Hardy Process Solutions introduces its' new high speed HI 4050CW CHECK WEIGHING bundle that can process up to 250 high resolution weight measurements per minute. This off-the-shelf open platform solution is easily integrated with existing hardware, and with the End User's plant automation system… Read more…

2 Powerful Weigh Feeder Control Modules - August 2012

1769 feeder module

Used in new applications or to retrofit volumetric feeders, the HI 1756-FC feeder control module mounts directly into your ControlLogix® chassis and controls many standard feeding devices as well as your proprietary designs. Hardy's HI 1769-FC Weigh Feeder Control Module mounts directly into an Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix™ 1500 or CompactLogix™ chassis and supports Add-on Profile (AOP) set-up, making installation and programming in a "SNAP and a CLICK"...  Read more…

1756-nDF Dispenser/Filler Control, in a convenient Plug-in Module  - July 2012

Hardy 1756nDF

Hardy Process Solutions' new HI 1756-nDF Dispenser/Filler modules for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® PLCs are easy to install and simple to set-up. Designed for use in the Food, Beverage, CPG, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, and Metals industry segments, they are the answer to a variety of material-feed by weight applications; especially when speed, repeatability and accuracy are keys to success… Read more...

 Hardy Instruments is now Hardy Process Solutions - July 2011

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