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Tension Load Cells for All of Your Weighing Needs

Hardy's extensive line of quality products includes tension load cells that are specifically designed to measure tensile loads using industrial scales. As implied by their name, tension load cells are designed to carry loads that are suspended rather than resting on a fixed surface (compression)

The Advantage Of Working With Top Load Cell Manufacturers

When it comes to weight management optimization, business owners rely on the accuracy of their equipment on a daily basis. At Hardy Process Solutions, we believe every detail matters, which is why we handcraft our products and solutions-from design to manufacturing. We use premium materials to create highly accurate products and to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Compression Load Cell — Common but Mighty

A compression load cell senses and converts mechanical force into electrical measurements used in monitoring and testing process systems, in addition to being a component in operational devices such as scales. Adaptable to an extensive array of applications, compression load cells can be an effective means of improving process control—from receipt of raw materials through packing and shipping of orders.

Upgrade Your Manufacturing System with an Efficient Weighing Solution

Accurate industrial weighing scales are an important part of any manufacturing environment, including the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering industries, to name but a few. They provide sensitive and essential information, which is then utilized in many different areas of the business, including financial, operational and legislative.

Use a Weighing Scale Manufacturer You Can Depend On

If you run a large-scale production business in the manufacturing, food processing, system integration or another similar industry then you know how important it is to optimize your process weighing system. With nearly one hundred years of experience, the professionals at Hardy Process Solutions understand the importance of process optimization. Our commitment to crafting quality products and providing topnotch solutions is just part of what makes us the most dependable weight system manufacturer. In addition to our products and solutions, our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service by offering guidance and tools to customers as needed.

When Choosing Floor Scales, it Pays to Weigh all of Your Options

Many manufacturing industries rely on industrial weighing instruments and scales of all sizes to manage their daily business. Manufacturers use various scales to weigh items throughout the production process: from inventory of raw materials, batching and blending products on assembly lines, packaging finished goods, quality control inspection to final shipments leaving a plant.