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New HI6800 Weight Controller

Weight-based Application Control



Introduce a New Level of Efficiency into Your Weighing Processes and Applications

Process weighing plays a critcial role in a wide variery of industries. Reliability, accuracy and performance are becoming increasingly important in our difficult economic climate as businesses strive to reduce waste and increase efficiency and productivity.

Load Cell Manufacturers You Can Trust

If you work for a company that relies on industrial scales to accurately weigh large amounts of heavy materials integral to your manufacturing process, then you understand the importance of finding a load cell manufacturer that you can trust. With nearly 100 years of experience, Hardy Process Solutions manufactures high-performance load cells you can depend on at the least total cost of ownership.

Load Cells – The Vital Component in Any Weighing System

Load cells are at the heart of every weighing system. These highly accurate transducers have been specifically designed to detect force or weight fluctuations under a wide range of adverse conditions. This information is then converted into an electrical signal which is sent to a remote computer or recorder so that load, pressure and strain, among others, can be monitored.

Not All Platform Scales are Created Equal

There is in a tendency for people to distrust the accuracy of scales. Whether it's the bathroom scale, the produce scale at the grocery store or the scale at the post office, we always tend to think that things are just a little lighter than what the scale says. For personal use, it's all well and good to have questions about a scale's accuracy-but in the end, you're talking about a few calories or a few cents - no big deal. For industrial use, however, the accuracy of a scale can influence thousands of dollars in costs. That's why accurate industrial scales are such a vital part of any business.

Precision Bench Scales are Essential to Many Businesses

Step into a post office and you'll see countertop scales used for weighing bulky envelopes and packages. In the checkout line at the grocery store, you'll notice that the cashier is using a scale to weigh fruits and vegetables. In the fashion industry, certain fabrics and jewelry are weighed to determine value, and many items in the food industry are weighed for portioning or price calculating. Businesses of all kinds rely on some form of weight measurement for their day-to-day operations.

Signs Of A Top Industrial Scale Company

With almost one hundred years of experience, the professionals at Hardy Process Solutions are dedicated to providing the reliable, high-quality scales and other weight measurement optimization tools at the lowest total cost of ownership. Hardy understands how important the accuracy of any weighing instrument is, which is why we offer various scale models and systems to meet the needs of all of our customers' applications.