Ethernet/IP is one of the standard networking protocol used by Rockwell Automation so it is frequently used to communicate with PLCs.

EtherNet/IP is an industrial networking standard that takes advantage of commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet communication chips and physical media. IP is short for 'Industrial Protocol'. Unlike the many options available in the NEW industrial Ethernets, EtherNet/IP uses an open protocol at the application layer.

It is the only standard supported by three networking organizations: ControlNet International (CI), the Industrial Ethernet Association (IEA) and the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) of which Hardy Instruments is a long time member.

EtherNet/IP (the –EIP networking option)  can be an actual hardware option, which can be used in either option slot one or two in Hardy Instruments.

For the 3000 series, it requires firmware version 2.7 or better, which can be downloaded from the 3000 Series downloads pages.

For the HI 4000 Series, it is a software option that utilizes a standard RJ-45 Ethernet port.

Like our other interface option cards one –EIP option acting as a network bridge is required in only one instrument when multiple instruments are tied together in a Hardy or DeviceNet network.

EtherNet/IP supports both implicit messaging (real-time I/O control messaging) and explicit messaging (information message exchange).

EtherNet/IP Products

HI 3010 Filler/Dispenser Controller

HI 3030 Weight Controller

HI 4050 Weight Controller

HI 4060 Rate Controller

HI 6500 Series Weight Processors

HI 6600 Series Modular Sensor System

HI 6200 Series Single Channel Weight Processor