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Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity is available on many Hardy weighing instruments through a standard RJ-45 port. Features such as Embedded Web Server can be accessed via this Ethernet TCP/IP port.

Types of Ethernet Connectivity

Hardy Web-Link is an embedded web server that provides you with the capability of local or remote access to the HI 3000 and HI 4000 Series systems. The embedded web server offers several advantages: No special software is required for the configuration of the monitoring system. Simply call up your web browser software, type in the IP address for the instrument, and all aspects of the instrument can be accessed. Security levels can be established to provide tamper-proof protection.

Hardy Control-Link is a powerful feature that allows up to 16 HI 3000 Series products to be networked together in a 'Plug & Play' manner via a stand-alone Ethernet network. No special software other than a standard web browser is required to configure this network for complete connectivity. This feature also allows all of the HI 3000 Series instruments to be connected together, with a network bridge interface on only one of the instruments - saving you installation, hardware, and programming costs.

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