Pet Food Manufacturing

The pet food manufacturing process  has the need for accurate inventory control, material feed and rate control in batch control, filling and dispensing of finished product in packaging, and checkweighing for final product inspection. These are all areas in which Hardy excels and has the expertise and solutions to assist your team in reducing cost and increasing yield, while limiting downtime and achieving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Pet Food Processing Trends & Manufacturing Challenges

For nearly 100 years, Hardy has helped large Food Industry customers navigate market changes, increasing government regulations, consolidation and changing consumer preferences and attitudes towards their precious pets.

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We understand the specific challenges PET FOOD manufacturers face, and we know that weighing is a crucial factor throughout the process – from pre-weighing wet and dry ingredients to controlling the spraying rate for kibble, from filling tubs, cans and boxes to check weighing each container of finished product, packed case and loaded pallet.

Our PET FOOD customers tell us they need:

  • More Flexibility
  • Sustainable Quality
  • Increased Throughput
  • Easier Line Changeovers
  • Rapid System Conversions
  • Compliance of Multiple Regulations

Hardy’s industrial weighing solutions meet all of these challenges and more – at the lowest possible total cost. Our solutions also boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) significantly by reducing downtime by as much as 51%*.

Hardy products are easy to integrate. They consistently, cost-effectively, and safely help produce high-quality pet food products. Our weighing solutions can also assist you in complying with the FDA regulations and consumer satisfaction. Let us show you how we can help you meet your goals with weighing solutions that work for pet food manufacturers!

* when compared to other industrial weighing solutions.