Food Industry

More than ever before, safety and compliance are primary manufacturing concerns. Freshness and shelf-life are increasingly important. Producing quality goods at the lowest possible cost puts you at the competitive edge. Your customers are demanding greater variety than ever before. The key to sustaining performance is your ability to increase your number and mix of products.  At the same time, high priorities are food safety and security to protect your brand image and value in the market. Hardy can help you respond to these daily challenges.

Food Manufacturing & Processing

Our process weighing solutions support the processing of: natural, processed and canned food, as well as ready meals. Examples of some of the many market segments we serve are: Dairy; Fats and Oils; Fruit; Grains, Yeast & Starches; Meats; Bakery, Confectionery & Snacks;  Vegetables; Pet Food & Animal Feed. 

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Your Industry Trends & Manufacturing Challenges

We understand many of your business needs. Global market forces are driving the continual evolution of the food industry. Consolidation, changing consumer preferences and increasing government regulations are dramatically impacting manufacturing and business strategies.

In this fiercely competitive marketplace, you must offer a greater variety of products to meet consumer demand. At the same time, you must consistently and cost-effectively produce high quality products. To be successful, you need to focus on two key business issues: financial performance and sustainability.

Hardy’s weight processing solutions help you respond to these trends and challenges, for example by enabling you to: 

  • Meet cost, quality, flexibility, and regulatory challenges — from raw material through final shipment.
  • Optimize utilization of valuable and limited human, physical and financial assets, and minimize waste while satisfying demanding consumers and retailers.
  • Make your manufacturing more agile, allowing for quick product line changeovers and rapid system conversions for new product introductions
  • Maintain your workers, machinery, processes and products in a safer environment

Process Weighing itn the food industry

Your Process Weighing Applications. Our Products & Solutions 

The process weighing applications above are widely deployed in many Food manufacturing systems. Hardy offers products and/or solutions that perform one or more of the key process weighing functions: measure; monitor; control; inspect required in each application.

Hardy Solutions

Our Value Propositions

Hardy’s solutions deliver accelerated returns on investment, by enhancing productivity and adding value across  the supply chain. Hardy’s solutions are easy to install, configure, commission, operate and maintain. They are safer to maintain and  save you time, money, raw materials and/or finished product.  Visit our Case Studies and Application Notes today!. Or call us at 800-821-5831 or +1-858-278-2900