Rockwell Automation®

PLC Plug In Modules

As a Global Partner of the Rockwell Automation® Encompass PartnerNetwork™ program, Hardy is better positioned to deliver seamless solutions with direct PLC backplane connectivity and Add On Profiles (AOP). Through this partnership, Hardy provides Rockwell Automation® customers with Encompass™ Approved best-of-breed industrial weighing technology to provide the most comprehensive measurement and control solutions available worldwide.



ControlLogix® PAC/PLC
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix solutions
CompactLogix™ and MicroLogix™
CompactLogix and MicroLogix Industrial Weighing Modules
1734 POINT I/O
The new Hardy HI 1734-WS Point I/O Series Weight Processing Module is a new plug-in module for Rockwell’s Point I/O chassis, the fastest growing segment of Rockwell controllers.  The HI 1734-WS is a true weight processing module, compared to competitive offerings that merely pass weight data through to the PLC for interpretation.  It also will have a Rockwell Add on Profile (AOP) that will automatically recognize the module when it is plugged into the Point I/O chassis.
Micro800™ Programmable Controller
The Hardy Easy 8 for Micro800 PLCs
SLC™ 500 series
The HI 1746-WS is designed to be easily plugged into the back plane of an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/02, 5/03, 5/04 or 5/05 programmable controller.