OneMount Advantage Shear Beams

The Hardy OneMount™with Advantage® shear beam load cells are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance.

Hardy OneMount™ Load Points

OneMount HI ONELP Load Points with Advantage®
HI SBH04 Hermetic Shear Beam Sensors

The Hardy OneMount™with Advantage® shear beams are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance. Each load point provides extraordinary flexibility and durability in most industrial environments.  Each feature of the load point was intentionally designed based on nearly 100 years of process weighing experience, delivering a best-in-class measurement system for vessel, hopper and tank weighing.


  • Self-centering rocker design maintains alignment under considerable shear forces
  • Precision sensor (combined error 0.02% rated output) from 1,125 lbs – 22,500 lbs
  • Optional Dynamic Stabilization Rods can be purchased to reduce vibration noise on the sensor for better resolution
  • Liftoff and side force ratings are confirmed by third party destructive testing
  • True glass-to-metal hermetically sealed sensors deliver the ultimate washdown protection (IP68/IP69K)
  • C2® electronic calibration reduces the risk of accidents or contamination from test weights
Easy Installation
  • Integral spacers can carry the full rated capacity without the load cell installed, eliminating the need for expensive dummy load cells or welding fixtures
  • Once mounts are installed, the load cells slide into place.  With minimal tank jacking (1/8”), the spacers are removed for a live load point
  • 360° checking mechanism means load points can be installed in any direction
  • C2® electronic calibration for fast startup in high capacity installations
Easy Maintenance
  • Replace load cells with minimal tank jacking (1/8”)
  • Matched mV/V/ohm load cells are easy to replace without recalibration
User Benefits
  • OEE improvement from consistent, accurate performance, and reduced installation and maintenance time
  • Reduced capital investment and labor typically associated with dummy load cells and welding fixtures
  • Reduced complexity of system selection and installation from a single, universal design

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Easy Installation Process
  1. Align and level the mounts under the vessel without the load cells installed.  The mounts can be installed in any orientation, because of a 360º checking mechanism to ensure accuracy and safety. 
  2. Lower the vessel onto the mounts and weld or bolt the mounts to the foundation and the vessel.
  3. Perform any peripheral pipe welding or add any required attachments.
  4. Slide the load cell into place and fasten to the bottom plate.
  5. Jack the vessel up 1/8” to remove the shipping/installation bracket.
  6. Lower the vessel onto the live load point and calibrate using Hardy’s C2® electronic calibration.

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Specifications Load Sensor: HI SBH04

Maximum Capacity (Emax) in lbs:              1.125k / 2.25k / 4.5k / 11.25k / 22.5k
Max number verification intervals nmax:    3000
Min load cell verification interval vmin:       Emax / 11000
Combined Error:                                        %RO ± 0.0200
Non-Linearity:                                            %RO ± 0.0166
Hysteresis:                                                %RO ± 0.0166
Creep error (30 Minutes) / DR:                  %RO ± 0.0166
Temp effect on min dead load ouput:        %RO/10°C ± 0.0127
Temperature effect on sensitivity:             %RO/10°C ± 0.0100
Non-Repeatability:                                     %RO Not Specified
Rated Output (RO):                                    mV/V 2 ± 0.1%
Calibration in mV/V/Ω:                                Matched
Zero Balance:                                             %RO ± 5
Excitation Voltage V:                                  5-15
Input Resistance Ω:                                  1100 ± 50
Output Resistance Ω:                               1000 ± 2
Insulation resistance (100VDC) MΩ:         ≥ 5000
Load Cell Safe Load Limit %Emax:             200
Load Cell Ultimate Load Limit %Emax:       300
Load Cell Safe Side Load %Emax:             100
Compensated Temperature Range °C:      -10 …+40
Operating Temperature Range °C:            -40…+80
Load Cell Material Stainless Steel:             17-4PH (1.4548)
Sealing Complete Hermetic Sealing:          Glass to Metal Header
Protection according to EN 60 529:           IP68 (up to 2m water depth) / IP69k
Cable Length:                                            20 ft
Hazardous Certification:                            IS Class 1,2,3 Div 1
Legal For Trade:                                        NTEP COC 99-057A1

Hardy OneMount Advantage Shear Beam Ordering Information

Load Point Assembly  (consists of stainless steel sensor and stainless steel mount)
Load Point Part        Gross System Capacity    Load Point Ship Weight
HIONELP-H-1125-SS      1.125 klb / 5 kn              12 lb
HIONELP-H-2.25K-SS     2.25 klb / 10 kn              12 lb
HIONELP-H-4.5K-SS      4.5 klb / 20 kn                 12 lb
HIONELP-H-11.25K-SS  11.25 klb / 50 kn              30 lb
HIONELP-H-22.5K-SS    22.5 klb / 100 kn              60 lb

Load Point Assembly  (consists of stainless steel sensor and plated steel mount)           
Load Point Part        Gross System Capacity    Load Point Ship Weight
HIONELP-H-1125-AS     1.125 klb / 5 kn                12 lb
HIONELP-H-2.25K-AS    2.25 klb / 10 kn                12 lb
HIONELP-H-4.5K-AS      4.5 klb / 20 kn                  12 lb
HIONELP-H-11.25K-AS 11.25 klb / 50 kn                30 lb
HIONELP-H-22.5K-AS   22.5 klb / 100 kn                60 lb

Load Point Assembly  (consists of stainless steel sensor and Electropolished SS mount)           
Load Point Part        Gross System Capacity    Load Point Ship Weight
HIONELP-H-1125-ES     1.125 klb / 5 kn                 12 lb
HIONELP-H-2.25K-ES    2.25 klb / 10 kn                 12 lb
HIONELP-H-4.5K-ES      4.5 klb / 20 kn                   12 lb
HIONELP-H-11.25K-ES  11.25 klb / 50 kn                30 lb
HIONELP-H-22.5K-ES    22.5 klb / 100 kn                60 lb

Dynamic Stabilization Rods for High Vibration Applications           
Part            Material                                                     Shipping Weight   
5504-0074-AS-4.5KLB          4.5K lbs - Alloy Steel               1 lb   
5504-0074-AS-11.25KLB      11.25K lbs - Alloy Steel           1 lb   
5504-0074-AS-22.5KLB        22.5K lbs - Alloy Steel             1 lb
5504-0074-SS-4.5KLB          4.5K lbs - Stainless Steel        1 lb   
5504-0074-SS-11.25KLB      11.25K lbs - Stainless Steel    1 lb   
5504-0074-SS-22.5KLB        22.5K lbs - Stainless Steel      1 lb   

Replacement Rocker Assemblies for OneMount Load Points           
5504-0075-4.5KLB                4.5K lbs                                  1 lb
5504-0075-11.25KLB            11.25K lbs                              1 lb
5504-0075-22.5KLB               22.5K lbs                               1 lb

Replacement Shipping Brackets for Easy Maintenance           
5504-0076-4.5KLB                4.5K lbs                                  1 lb   
5504-0076-11.25KLB            11.25K lbs                              1 lb
5504-0076-22.5KLB              22.5K lbs                                1 lb