HI SP1 and SP6 single point load cells

The Hardy HI SP Series of single point load cells are designed for the OEM, conveyor and bench scale markets

HI SP1 and HI SP6 Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cells

Hardy’s ADVANTAGE® Single Point Load Cells are designed to provide exceptional performance in a safe and predictable manner. Predominantly used in packing and OEM applications, this line of precision load cells comes with quick, easy and accurate C2® electronic calibration.

They are also ideal for bench scales, which require a low sensitivity to off center loads. They are built to perform in the harsh environments found in the food, chemical and allied industries.

The sensors are 17-4 PH stainless steel, with C2® calibration capabilities and come with three meters (9-10 ft) of cable.

The HI SP1 is available in capacities from 7.5kg to 200kg (16.5 to 440lbs).  Each is environmentally protected with a plastic covering to IP67 (IP65 for 7.5 and 10kg) and have an integral mounting spacer.

The HI SP6 is available in capacities from 10kg to 200kg (22 to 440lbs), are completely hermetically sealed to IP68 and IP69.  They also have an integral mounting spacer.

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C2 Cable: