Hardy Weighing Solutions for Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Class I,II,III, Div. 2 Weighing Instruments & Weight Modules Hazardous: Class I, II,III/Div2 Safety: CE, UL & CUL Optional Display panels up to IP66 Type 4 and 4X Enclosures, Panel Mount Wall Systems and Integrated Panel Solutions or Plug into Backplane of PLC/PAC Low voltage instruments powered in safe area C2® permits calibration from safe area with no need for test weights INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN diagnoses weighing system faults from the instrument located in the safe area  

Designing Safety into a Weighing System

Intrinsic safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting electrical and thermal energy, available for ignition to safe levels. 

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For potentially hazardous Class I, Div. 1 environments, Hardy Process Solutions has designed safety into its components with an appropriate level of protection for different applications.  Hardy recommends using intrinsically safe low-energy components in hazardous areas (including load cells, scales, and summing boxes) and limit power and current to them through intrinsic barriers that prevent energy from crossing over from the safe area.

For Tanks, Vessels, Mixers or Reactors, a Typical Weighing System  Configuration for a Hazardous Area: Use Intrinsically Safe Barriers to prevent energy and current from instruments in the safe area from crossing over to low energy equipment in the hazardous area.

Hardy Weight Processors and Weight & Rate Controllers use proprietary technologies that have great value for Hazardous Area applications and confined spaces. Our C2® Electronic Calibration allows calibration of the weighing system without ever entering the environment. Conversely, Integrated Technician® is used for system diagnostics and troubleshooting from the safety of the safe area thereby reducing risk to operators. Other features such as WAVERSAVER® is used to eliminate the effects of vibration on the weight signal so only Stable Weight is communicated to the Control System.  

Hardy’s single-slot Rockwell® PLC/PAC modules read and condition data from strain gage load cells and communicate it over the I/O chassis backplane to the processor. They provide basic weight data or are loaded with sophisticated algorithms to perform application-specific industrial weighing processes from simple batch weighing to loss-in-weight control, filling or dispensing. Modules are available for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®,  Micro800® or POINT I/O chassis.

Floor & Bench Scale Weighing System Configuration For a Hazardous Area: Use Intrinsically Safe Floor or Bench Scales with built in summing cards and IS Barriers to prevent energy from instruments in the safe area from crossing over to low energy IS scales in the hazardous area.


Hardy Bench Scales
Hardy Bench Scales offer the ultimate in product configurability and customization for use in all industrial weighing applications, offering customers the ability to choose the right product at a price that fits their budget.   Hardy Bench Scales are available in either stainless or carbon steel base construction, with 304 Stainless Steel platters.  Choose between hermetically sealed, IP68/69K, C2 load cells and environmentally sealed, IP67 load cells, depending on your application.  
Hardy Floor Scales
Hardy Process Solutions announces a new line of wash down floor scales at a very competitive price. All weight capacities come in stainless, painted carbon steel with smooth or tread deck. Each scale is complemented with a full range of accessories. These floor scales combine best-in-class durability with Hardy’s core features: weightless calibration (C2®) and operator diagnostics (INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN®). Hardy Floor Scales offer manufacturers multiple ways to reduce their maintenance costs and downtime. We can even offer custom sizes for those difficult applications
Lift Deck Floor Scales
Hardy Process Solutions now has a new line of lift-deck wash down scales to meet the needs of the most demanding, clean applications. These process weighing scales combine best-in-class durability with Hardy’s Process Toolbox features: weightless calibration (C2®) and operator diagnostics (INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN®).
Integrated Panel Solutions
The Hardy Integrated Panel Solutions are delivered in type 4 or 4X enclosures that accommodate instrumentation and peripherals such as buttons, switches, relays and summing cards.  Standard enclosures are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and types with integrated weighing instruments and a wide range of control options.  Integrated Panel Systems are easy to configure and to order.  With advanced features such as buttons, switches and relays built in, they are easy to integrate into complex industrial manufacturing operations.  
HI 4050 Single-Scale Weight Controller
The HI 4050 weight controller acts as a front end to a PLC, PC or DCS system for most weighing applications, or as a stand-alone controller for simple control or weight monitoring.
HI 4060 Rate Controller
HI 4060 is a compact, single-feeder, closed-loop rate controller for use in a variety of applications, including auger, belt and vibratory-based feeders, converting them from volumetric to gravimetric.
HI 6500 Series
HI 6500 EtherNet/IP Weight Processor with a big, bright multi-channel display and fast, high-resolution stable weight readings.
Swivel Mount Enclosures for Weight Processors
Hardy has announced 800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";} a new Digital Weight Indicator in a Swivel Mount Enclosure designed for harsh and heavy wash down environments.   The robust design is made to withstand the most demanding industrial installations. Made in the USA using 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, the enclosure is rated for IP66/NEMA 4X environmental conditions and is delivered containing either the Hardy HI 6500 or HI 6300 series weight processor.
Panel Mount Wall System
Designed for use in hazardous Class I, II, III/ DIV 2 applications, the Hardy HI 6300 and HI 6500 series of weight processors are now available factory installed in a stainless steel (Nema 4x) enclosure with an IP66 rated display panel.
HI 6600 Series Modular Sensor System
HI 6600 series is a modular sensor system of weight processors that delivers up to 30 channels of fast, stable, high-resolution weight readings to PLCs, PACs and DSCs over a single fieldbus network connection.
HI 6020IT and HI 6020JB Junction Boxes
Hardy HI 6020 summing box distributes excitation voltage to up to four load cells and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the Hardy weighing instrument.
HI 6010IT and HI 6010JB Junction Box
The Hardy HI 6010 summing box distributes excitation voltage to up to four load cells and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the Hardy weight controller.
OneMount Advantage Shear Beams
The Hardy OneMount™with Advantage® shear beam load cells are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance.
OneMount Advantage Low Capacity
The Hardy OneMount™ Load Cells with Advantage® beam sensors provide extraordinary flexibility and durability for industrial environments. OneMount load point systems are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance.
OneMount Advantage Lite Shear Beams
The Hardy OneMount™with Advantage® Lite shear beams are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance. Each load point provides extraordinary flexibility and durability in most industrial environments.
HI HLPS, HI LPS05, HI HLPRE04 & HI LPRE05 Shear Beams
Hardy's Shear Beam Family is designed for compression applications between 1125 lb and 22,500 lb (.5 mt and 10 mt).  Hardy offers four different configurations of shear beam load points. Customers can choose between two different levels of moisture ingress protection on load sensors, and between two mounting hardware options. These mounting options offer different levels of liftoff and side force protection, thermal expansion, and vibration accommodation, depending on the application requirements.
HI HLPT Tension Load Points
The Hardy HI HLPT ADVANTAGE® Series, tension load point systems are designed for use on low to medium capacity vessels when they are suspended.
HI LPTLB Load Point with HI STLB Load Sensor
The Hardy Process Solutions HI STLB Advantage® Lite ‘S’ Type stainless steel sensor is designed for hanging vessels, hoppers, filling machinery and process control. These stainless steel 17-4PH sensors feature IP67 ratings, and allow for tension and compression loading. Improvedpotting makes it suitable for use in industrial environments.
Advantage Weigh Modules LPB
The Hardy HI LPB ADVANTAGE® Series, sliding load cell system is designed for use on light to medium capacity vessels. Each weigh module consists of mounting hardware and a stainless steel mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched load sensor with true hermetic sealing, C2® Electronic Calibration capabilities, onboard electronic certs, a ¼ NPT conduit adapter and ten feet of cable.
HI SP7 Stainless Single Point Sensor
The Hardy Process Solutions HI SP7 single point load cell is designed for gas cylinder scales, bench and floor scales, conveyor scales, check weighers, packing machines, and industrial process control. Its polished stainless construction and hermetic sealing make it a fantastic fit for sanitary food and beverage applications. These sensors feature Hardy C2® calibration capabilities.
HI SP1 and SP6 single point load cells
The Hardy HI SP Series of single point load cells are designed for the OEM, conveyor and bench scale markets
HI SPB1 and HI SPA60 Brick Type Load Cells
HI SPB1 and HI SPA60 Brick Type Load Cells
C2 Certified Cable
Hardy C2 Certified Cable has been designed specifically for the electrically and mechanically harsh environments found in Process Weighing applications.