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Weight data from Hardy precion weight instruments are easily transferred directly to PLCs, DCSs and PCs via plug-in weigh scale modules or over interfaces such as DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, Remote I/O, Profibus DP, and Modbus TCP. Direct serial or analog connectivity supports many other automation systems. 


PROFINET is a standard for industrial networking in automation. It connects devices, systems, and cells, facilitating faster, safer, less costly and higher quality manufacturing. It easily integrates existing systems and equipment while bringing the richness of Ethernet down to the factory floor. PROFINET meets the demands of IT and plant floor automation using three communications channels:

Standard TCP/IP: Suitable for non-deterministic functions such as parametrization, video/audio transmissions and data transfer to higher level IT systems.

Real Time (PROFINET RT): TCP/IP layers are bypassed in order to have a deterministic performance for automation applications in the 1-10 ms range. This represents a software-based solution suitable for typical I/O applications, including motion control and high-performance requirements.

Isochronous Real Time (PROFINET IRT): Signal prioritization and scheduled switching deliver high precision synchronization for applications such as motion control. Cycle rates in the sub-millisecond range are possible, with jitter in the microsecond range. This service requires hardware support in the form of (readily-available) ASICs.

All three communication channels can be used simultaneously. Bandwidth sharing ensures that at least 50% of every I/O cycle remains available for TCP/IP communications.

Combined with ruggedized cabling, connectors, and Ethernet switches, PROFINET can meet all the needs of automation. Further below you can read about PROFINET’s features, which make it the world’s most advanced Industrial Ethernet. It’s important to understand that PROFINET is fully compliant with internationally-accepted Ethernet standards. Some Industrial Ethernets break Ethernet conventions and are not truly compatible with office-based systems. These cannot interoperate as easily within enterprise architectures, or indeed alongside those Industrial Ethernets which are fully compliant.

Hardy Products that operate within the PROFINET standard include:

The Hardy HI 6200-PFN Single Channel Weight Processor

ControlNet DeviceNet Remote I/O Modbus TCP/IP Profibus Ethernet Analog Serial Modbus RTU