HI 1756-FC

HI 1756-FC ControlLogix Weigh Feeder PLC Module

HI 1756-FC ControlLogix PLC Weigh Feeder

Used in new applications or to retrofit volumetric feeders, the HI 1756-FC feeder control module mounts directly into your ControlLogix® chassis and controls many standard feeding devices as well as your proprietary designs.

Worry Free Operation

The HI 1756-FC feeder control module will watch your process and notify you of problems. Prompts on your system’s HMI display and PLC alarm relay outputs occur with tolerance errors and other failures.

Multiple Feeder Control

The HI 1756-FC is a powerful building block when it comes to multiple feeder systems. It can be secondary to other process inputs through the ControlLogix® processor.

Automatic Rate and Weight Calibration

A five-point auto rate calibration automatically allows the module to calibrate itself to the characteristics of the feeder and the material being fed. This allows for a higher feed accuracy over a broader range of feed rates.

Rockwell Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)

Spec out and design your system for optimal productivity, increasing speed and simplifying integration with the click of a mouse.
Download Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture Builder

Rockwell ControlLogix Add-on-Profile (AOP)

Quickly and easily configure the HI 1756-FC for your application through PLC software on a PC. 

Download HI 1756-FC AOP files

Sample Ladder Logic Code

Hardy provides sample ladder logic building blocks of code that can easily be inserted into existing code to quickly program the feeder system application.

Download sample programs for the HI 1756-FC (zip file)

Visit our Case Studies or Application Notes on feeder control to learn more. 
Hardy’s process weighing solutions are easy-to-install, configure, commission and operate. They are easy-to-maintain and save you time, money, raw materials and/or finished product. 




• Provided from the backplane of the rack
• +5Vdc
• +24Vdc
Backplane Current
• < 1 Amp @ 5Vdc 5W
• <0.0125 Amp 0.3W @ 24Vdc with four 350 ohm L.C.
• Keeps track of the amount of ingredient dispensed
Time Units
• Seconds, minutes and hours
Units of Measure
• lb, oz, ton, kg, g, mt
• Batch, continuous
• Signal: -2.5mV through +17.56mVdc
• Sense: + 5Vdc
• C2, Electronic Calibration
• Excitation 5Vdc to +8.75Vdc
Common Mode Rejection
• 100dB at or below 60Hz (minimum)
• Internal, 1:8,388,608
Conversion Rate
• 100 updates per second
• 1-255 user selectable in single increments
Vibration Frequency Rejection
• 0.25 Hz and above in 5 selectable steps, and OFF
I/O Chassis Location
• Any single I/O chassis slot
Environmental Conditions
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
• Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Relative Humidity
• 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Weighing Modes
• Net, Gross
Calibration Techniques
• Electronic (C2)
• Traditional (test weights)
Automatic Rate Calibration
• Five-point
• 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
• "OK", Module Status, LED
• "Scale 1”, Functional Data, LED
• CE (pending)
• Two-year warranty against defects in workmanship

All specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact the Hardy factory or visit our website for the latest specifications.



-RTA Remote Terminal Assembly, supports 2 single or 1 dual scale module
-C6 Pre-wired 6 ft / 1.8m cable from module to RT single scale
-DC6 Pre-wired 6 ft / 1.8m cable from module to RT dual scale

Hardy Process ToolboxHardy Process Toolbox

The Hardy Process Toolbox is a set of productivity tools that support industrial weighing functions. Each tool saves time, increases accuracy, improves efficiency or reduces risk in process weighing applications, including WAVERSAVER® to eliminate vibration, C2® electronic calibration and Integrated Technician® to name just a few.

The HI 1756-FC features the following Toolbox technologies:

WAVERSAVER® Vibration Eliminator
Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that surrounding vibration has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight reading.

C2® (or eCAL) Electronic Calibration
The Hardy C2® (or eCAL as it is known in China) core feature provides quick and easy electronic calibration of a weighing system without the need for heavy test weights.

Hardy's INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN (IT) core feature helps you troubleshoot your weighing system and diagnose problems from the front of the instrument or via the PLC. These tests display system weights, voltages, and pass/fail displays to help isolate a problem to the instrument, cabling, or sensors, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

FEED-MASTER is a set of software controls designed to control volumetric and gravimetric feeders.