Single Point

Hardy HI SP1 and SP6 Single Point Load Cells

Single Point Load Cells

Hardy’s ADVANTAGE®  Single Point Load Cells are designed to provide exceptional performance in a safe and predictable manner. Predominately used in floor scales, bench scales, packing or OEM applications this line of precision load cells all come with quick, easy and accurate C2® electronic calibration.



HI SP7 Stainless Single Point Sensor
The Hardy Process Solutions HI SP7 single point load cell is designed for gas cylinder scales, bench and floor scales, conveyor scales, check weighers, packing machines, and industrial process control. Its polished stainless construction and hermetic sealing make it a fantastic fit for sanitary food and beverage applications. These sensors feature Hardy C2® calibration capabilities.
HI SP1 and SP6 single point load cells
The Hardy HI SP Series of single point load cells are designed for the OEM, conveyor and bench scale markets
HI SPB1 and HI SPA60 Brick Type Load Cells
HI SPB1 and HI SPA60 Brick Type Load Cells
HI SPA42 and HI SPA22 Single Point Sensors
Hardy HI SPA22 and HI SPA42 single point aluminum load cells are designed for machine builders, and foir packaging, dispensing, filling and dosing industrial weighing applications
HI SPAL03 and HI SPL Ultra Low-Capacity Aluminum
Ultra Low Capacity Single Point Aluminum Load Cells