ANY-WEIGH Floor Scales

The ANY-WEIGH line of floor scales are designed and built for harsh chemical and washdown industrial environments.  They are easy to use and install with the latest advancements in weighing technology.

ANY-WEIGH® Floor Scales

The ANY-WEIGH® line floor scales are designed and built for harsh chemical and washdown industrial environments.  They are easy to use and install with the latest advancements in weighing technology. Gone are the manual multi-turn potentiometers for corner adjusting.

Just level the deck, attach the included 20-foot cable, calibrate (if a C2® compatible instrument, set your reference), and begin weighing.

Each scale has built-in INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® circuitry. When coupled with a Hardy controller, the scale provides diagnostic and troubleshooting tools that read individual weights and voltages to aid you in isolating problems and ensure the integrity of your scale system.

All ANY-WEIGH floor scales come with Hardy ADVANTAGE® stainless steel, true hermetically sealed sensors - sealed at both the gauging area and cable entry for long life. All are matched and calibrated for mV/V and mV/V/ohm. Instead of the typical threaded hole into which the load cell foot is attached, the ANYWEIGH sensors use a blind hole technique ensuring the load is applied at a precise location, providing an accurate reading, weighment after weighment.

With a deck height of only three inches and 100% end loading, these floor scales enable easy, any-side access and maneuvering of all types of load handling equipment onto the scale.

Each scale features a field-proven, rugged structural rib design with 1/4 inch thick smooth or diamond plate deck that can withstand overloads of up to 150% of its capacity. A durable rubber-based foot for each load sensor is height adjustable from below the platform.



Floor Scale Specifications

0.25 inch thick smooth or safety tread deck
3 inches (adjustable 0.275”7mm)
Overload Capacity
150% of rated scale capacity
End Loading
100% of rated scale capacity

  • Stainless Steel - Type 304
  • Mild Steel - Type A36 carbon steel coated with two part enamel Paint Epoxy modified alkyd enamel (mild steel models only)

Load Sensor
C2® stainless steel, hermetic seal, blind hold loading
Junction Box
NEMA 4x stainless steel Summing Card Individual load sensor terminal
blocks; INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® circuitry
Scale Excitation
5vdc +/-5%
Two years

Specifications subject to change without notice.

ANY-WEIGH Floor Scale Options

 A complete line of floor scale accessories enable you to easily configure a solution to meet your individual applications

  • Ramps: 5 degree incline. Includes 1 ramp, 2 bolt down plates and 4 anchor bolts
  • Pit Frames
  • Bumper Guards
  • Bolt Down Plates
  • Lift Eyes




Hardy Process ToolboxHardy Process Toolbox

The Hardy Process Toolbox is a set of productivity tools that support industrial weighing functions. Each tool saves time, increases accuracy, improves efficiency or reduces risk in process weighing applications, including WAVERSAVER® to eliminate vibration, C2® electronic calibration and Integrated Technician® to name just a few.

The ANY-WEIGH Floor Scales features the following Toolbox technologies:

WAVERSAVER® Vibration Eliminator
Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that surrounding vibration has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight reading.

C2® (or eCAL) Electronic Calibration
The Hardy C2® (or eCAL as it is known in China) core feature provides quick and easy electronic calibration of a weighing system without the need for heavy test weights.

Hardy's INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN (IT) core feature helps you troubleshoot your weighing system and diagnose problems from the front of the instrument or via the PLC. These tests display system weights, voltages, and pass/fail displays to help isolate a problem to the instrument, cabling, or sensors, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Embedded Web Server
Access your instrument from any computer browser, easing setup and making diagnostics fast and easy.  Use the Embedded Web Server to set up all parameters from anywhere on the Ethernet network.

Secure Memory Module Stores Configuration Data
Hardy's Secure Memory Module (SMM) uses a standard SD card to automatically back up critical weighing system data, and allowing you to transfer it to another like controller in a few minutes.  You can also use the card to easily back up your controller data onto a PC.

STEADYWEIGH Noise Suppression
STEADYWEIGH allows a systems operator to apply a filter to eliminate the effects of noise on a weighing system.

FEED-MASTER is a set of software controls designed to control volumentric and gravimetric feeders.