Dynamic Check Weighing Mgmt – CHECK-MASTER

Dynamic and Static Check Weighing Solutions

A fully automated Check Weighing system is designed to weigh items automatically in-motion. The check weight controller then directs downstream diverter gates to route product based on weight. Automated control is done by a host computers (PC), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) or Distributed Control Systems (DCS) communicating with the Hardy check weighing front-end.

CHECK-MASTER is a set of software tools that support check weighing functions and are part of every Hardy Check Weighing solution.

In-motion check weighing is made possible with Hardy's WAVERSAVER® technology, which ignores plant and process mechanical vibrations such as those created by the conveyor belts.

Usually the check weighing station is an inspection station after the manufacturing or packaging (Pack) process. Important reasons to use a check weighing system are increased accuracy, increased line speed, quality control, and to meet government regulations.

In addition to verifying the weight and directing product flow, a check weighing system also provides valuable statistical information. This information can be used for SPC (Statistical Process Control) to support the requirement for quality and governmental requirements. By analyzing and feeding back the results of the check weighing operation, the source process can be adjusted to optimize product quality and lower costs