Weight Processors and Modules

Often OEMs and machine builders need accurate, stable and repeatable weight, while striking the optimum balance between price and application flexibility.

Hardy offers fully configured weight processors that can be used as the front-end to a weight-based control system. Our weight processors read, condition, and digitize load cell and strain gauge signals commonly found in process weighing applications, including inventory management, batching, blending, filling, dispensing, and check weighing. We offer ideal solutions for machine applications where fast, precise weight-based controls are critical functions of a process.

For example, the new The HI 6200 series is designed to replace 4-20mA signal conditioners and analog strain gauge transmitters with fieldbus connectivity, providing machine builders the advantage of communicating parameters and advanced diagnostics. The HI 6200 series enables a proactive maintenance strategy while reaping the benefits of IIoT device level connectivity though a built-in Webserver or directly via the UDP layer.

Weight Transmitters

The new HI 6200 Analog Transmitter is ideal for OEMs and System Integrators building machinery where fast, stable weight data is a critical component to successful design.  Powerful state-of-the-art hardware design, combined with Hardy’s WAVERSAVER® filtering technology ensure fast, stable weight readings in even the most adverse conditions where mechanical vibrations can plague process control.  Through the color, touch-screen interface, the new HI 6200 Analog has access to advanced features such as C2® electronic calibration, Zero and Tare functions.

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