One Giant Screen: Four Weight Display Channels

 Amazing HI 6310 Display Panel Shows up to Four Instruments at the Same Time!

With the largest screen in its instrument class, the HI 6310 Weight Processor can display weight readings from up to four instruments at the same time!  One display serves as an easy-to-use scale interface for each of the connected instruments. Operators can easily read a Hardy HI 6310 instrument from across the factory floor saving them valuable walking time. Contact Us to get one now!

The HI 6310 can serve as a stand-alone weight processor or as the front end to a weight-based control system. It also offers a variety of standard mounting options and a finite set of preconfigured communications methods :

  • Analog 4-20 ma
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and Ethernet UDP
  • Modbus RTU

The HI 6310 comes with a USB port for saving set-up and configuration parameters.  Use it to clone settings to a series of instruments or to backup your settings or factory defined defaults. 

Save Time, Save Space, Save Money!

The HI 6310 includes Hardy's service-minimizing and time-saving features:

  • C2/eCAL - automatic calibration where load cell data is stored on a microchip within the load cell and can be retrieved with the push of a button - NO NEED FOR TEST WEIGHTS!
  • Integrated Technician (IT), trouble shoot a weighing system from the instrument display and eliminate the need open junction boxes, disconnect load cells, and input test signals.
  • Webserver - connect your laptop and use the built-in webserver to monitor, configure or troubleshoot. Monitor your instruments from anywhere in the world on the Internet!

Main Benefits 

1.  Accurate, stable, repeatable weight processing

  • 24 bit A/D
  • 55 samples/second output     
  • 1:6000e
  • Count mode for accurate part counts      

2. See it when you need it!

  • 140° viewing angle
  • 4.3" effective viewing area
  • Displays multiple channels of weight data simultaneously
  • Print mode to print weight results

3. Easy to install and configure to make you look smart!

  • Help text guides set-up and operation

4. Fits where you want it with multiple mounting options

  • Mounts in panels, on walls and on DIN rails   
  • Drill just 5 holes for panel mount
  • Ultra low-profile design with an enclosure is just 1 1/2" deep
  • Fits IND331 hole pattern so you can swap-out with ease