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Powder & Bulk Solids: What is a Material Feed?

Material feed management is used in batch, filling and dispensing manufacturing operations.

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Powder & Bulk Solids: Intelligent Closed Loop Loss-in-Weight Feeder Control

New intelligent closed loop feeder controllers are delivering unprecedented accuracy in manufacturing operations where tiny amounts of material can make a huge difference to the finished product. For example, many plastic extruders use a feeder controller to mix in small amounts of color. Too much or too little color variation may be cause for quality control to reject finished goods so precise control is required.  Read More>

THE Journal:  How Checkweighing Can Help Meet Compliance, Quality Goals

High-speed, in-motion checkweighing is often a critical part of a manufacturer’s overall quality control and consumer safety process. Check weighing is used not only for verifying product weight, but also ensuring correct multi-piece packages, such as a bag of fasteners, chargers and cords, or even the presence of an instruction pack. 

Using checkweighing for 100% inspection ensures a manufacturer’s ability to meet regulatory requirements designed to protect consumers, preventing under/overweight products from ever reaching consumers.  Read More>

Healthcare Packaging: Integrating Checkweighers Into Factory Control Systems

Hardy’s Dynamic Checkweigher line uses control systems that fit customer processes, eliminating overfills and offering easy operation at a low cost of ownership.

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 Powder & Bulk Solids Publishes An Accurate Weighing Solution for Aluminum Skirted Silos

Veka Inc. is a leading global plastics extrusion manufacturer of windows and doors in Fomball, PA. The plant manager had grown tired of the inaccuracies of volumetric measuring devices and calculations. The plant was just starting a new installation of an aluminum skirted silo in the summer of 2013 when the plant engineer contacted The Eagle Group, Ltd. in Greenville, MI, to determine the best solution for accurate inventory control in the new silo.  Read more>

What Really Matters to OEMs when Weighing is Spec'd In

Process weighing is often a functional requirement on many OEM machines or skids. In fact process weigh is one of the most frequent used process measurement parameters, used more than flow, pressure etc. The same oz/lb/ton of raw material can be weighed several times as it moves through the manufacturing process. By choosing a process weighing partner who can help them not only differentiate themselves, but also face their customers’ cost and design demands, OEMs can help meet these challenges while maintaining profitability.  Learn more>

Global Milling Features HI 4050 as a Hero Global Milling features Hardy weighing solutionin Increased Flour Mill Productivity!

A large global processor and exporter of grains and oil seeds was experiencing inconsistencies in timing for discharging wheat from a scale hopper, which resulted in an inconsistent flow rate.

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 Breadmaker Brings in the DoughHardy Feeder Controller Increases Efficiency

The Journal, Rockwell Automation June 2010

A new Hardy feeder controller helps improve control and accuracy for a dough-feeding line.

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What is Tare Value?

The Journal from Rockwell Automation
April 2009

In your weighing system, the tare value is the numerical difference between gross weight and net weight. This article illustrates how tare values are used.

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