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Our application notes give you real life examples for how Hardy's solutions can improve your process efficiency, safety and profitability.

Short Informative Articles

Accuracy and Resolution are Not the Same

Many people use the terms resolution and accuracy interchangeably, in relation to industrial scales. Yet there is actually no relationship between accuracy and resolution.

 Reducing the Cost of Product Quality

For most manufacturers, achieving optimal manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining high product quality is the goal; but often a choice is made to err on the side of overfulfilling on their promises, even if it means accepting extra costs.

The 4 Hidden Costs of Filling & Dispensing Errors: Part One

The Solutions to Filling & Dispensing Errors: Part Two

Even a very small error in every dispensing or filling event, adds up to a very large amount after 365 days.  Part One presents the four common hidden costs of filling and dispensing errors.  Part Two presents three different solutions. 

Improve OEE with Faster Weighing Installations, Calibrations and Diagnostics

Hardy helps improve OEE through a set of proprietary process weighing tools designed to reduce installation, calibration, diagnostics and maintenance time

Application Notes

Hardy 4050 increases process efficiency

Checkweighing Solutions by Hardy

How they fulfill customer needs


Checkweighing can be used for a wide variety of applications including verifying package contents, checking product tolerances, identifying parts, classifying product and checking for overload safety... Read more...

feed by rate Hardy application
Material Feed Management by Rate Solutions  Increase Productivity


Good material feed management has a positive impact on productivity. Here are some of the ways good material feed management impacts production... Read more...


feed by weight solution by Hardy

Material Feed Management by Weight: How it can Increase Your Productivity


There are at least 3 challenges that need to be considered in successfully managing a material feed... Read more...