Case Studies

Our case studies showcase industry examples on how Hardy Process Weighing Solutions help customers with real life business problems. 

Hardy’s HI 1734-WS POINT I/O Weight Processing Modules
Breathe New Life Into An Aging Machine

 Case Study – Check-weighing Solution

Hardy’s solution for snack foods manufacturer increases operational efficiency


Hardy C2 calibrationCase Study - C2 Calibration Solution

Hardy’s solution for major steel company improves tracking of inventory and reduces calibration time



 Hardy equipment for water treatmentCase Study – Weight Control in Water Treatment Plant

Solution for City Municipality reduces costs by automating water treatment process



Hardy solution for tire manufacturingCase Study - Batching and Blending in Tire manufacturing

Solution for tire manufacturer reduces equipment costs and increases accuracy and performance




checkweighingCase Study – Check Weighing

Solution for pharmaceutical company reduces waste of expensive materials



textile industry check-weighingCase Study - Textile Weighing

Solution for hotel laundry reduces waste of chemicals/detergents and improves efficiency



Peak force testing by HardyCase Study - Using Peak Force Testing

Solution for BBQ Briquette company produces low cost strength testing



rate control solution by HardyCase Study - Rate Control

Solution for diaper manufacturer exceeded expectations with 0.5% accuracy in production

Case Study - Sequential Batching

Solution for cereal plant improves automation process and accuracy in production    



bakery weighing solutionCase Study - Continuous Processing Solution for bakery

Solution for bakery cuts energy usage by 30% and increases dough consistency    



Case Study - Flow and Feed Rate

Solution for bread-maker improves control and accuracy for dough-feeding line