The Hardy Team

It takes a special person to work at Hardy.  The Hardy team is dedicated to assist our customers to improve their process efficiency, safety and ROI.  We value highly trained professionals that are dedicated to ensuring the quality, reliability of our products and services.

Our Core Values

• Honesty
• Ethics
• Honoring Commitments
• Doing the “Right Thing”

• Fair and impartial treatment of all individuals
• Consideration of business and personal beliefs
• Difference of opinion is encouraged
• Providing and seeking timely and meaningful feedback

• Collectively listening, compiling and analyzing our customers requests
• Thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and requirements
• Provide proactive, customer-valued solutions
• The ultimate grade of our performance is customer loyalty

• Achieve both the spirit and intent of every goal
• Personal commitment to professional expertise
• Achievements recognized and advancement encouraged
• Pride in your work


• Encouraging a productive, co-operative and enjoyable work environment
• Balance between career and personal life
• Stimulating, challenging and rewarding work
• Care and concern for the welfare of others

• Championing improvements
• Personally invest in our success
• Identify and fulfill your obligations
• Commitment to personal and team objectives
• Pride in personal and corporate accomplishments

If you have the above, then we want to hear from you.  Visit our current openings today!