Hardy Values

The cornerstone of Hardy's business is our entrepreneurial spirit. As we experience continued growth, we seek ways to foster this spirit. Additionally, our focus is on developing sound systems and process, which have allowed us to build a solid organization. We realize this is not a static commitment and are continually working to enhance our systems. The end result is winning, innovative products, built by our world class manufacturing team. The result....Delighted customers!

We foster lifelong learning and supports the concept of the "innovative" thinker. We encourage employees to challenge the notion of the status quo. We believe it is necessary to continue to grow our skills and abilities. As a means to achieving this, we support and encourage participation in a wide variety of educational and training endeavors.

Honesty and a strong work ethic, coupled with the ability to develop and grow excellent working relationships are also valued and recognized. We believe in the power of professional growth and promotion from within and provide an active job posting and career counseling program. Cross functional teams are used in product development, manufacturing and problem solving. Our teams consist of participative members who bring unique skill sets to the table with a primary interest in making decisions to further our progress.