Important Considerations When Choosing A Digital Weight Indicator

Posted on 24th April 2017

Installing a new scale, or replacing an existing weighing system, gives you the opportunity not just to upgrade to the latest in technology. This is true with all components of the weighing system, including the digital weight indicator.

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Signs Of A Top Industrial Scale Company

Posted on 11th April 2017

With almost one hundred years of experience, the professionals at Hardy Process Solutions are dedicated to providing the reliable, high-quality scales and other weight measurement optimization tools at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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The Advantage Of Working With Top Load Cell Manufacturers

Posted on 01st April 2017

When it comes to weight management optimization, business owners rely on the accuracy of their equipment on a daily basis. At Hardy Process Solutions, we believe every detail matters, which is why we handcraft our products and solutions-from design to manufacturing.

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Compression Load Cell Products Offered by Hardy Process Solutions

Posted on 20th Jan 2017

Hardy compression load cells are durable and versatile designed with premium stainless or alloy steel materials. Used for the monitoring of weight using compression forces, Hardy Advantage® load cells use true glass-to-metal hermetic sealing to deliver reliable protection

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Tension Load Cells for All of Your Weighing Needs

Posted on 16th Jan 2017

Hardy's extensive line of quality products includes tension load cells that are specifically designed to measure tensile loads using industrial scales. As implied by their name, tension load cells are designed to carry loads that are suspended rather than resting on a fixed surface (compression)

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Use a Weighing Scale Manufacturer You Can Depend On

Posted on 30th Dec 2016

If you run a large-scale production business in the manufacturing, food processing, system integration or another similar industry then you know how important it is to optimize your process weighing system.

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Load Cell Manufacturers You Can Trust

Posted on 16th Dec 2016

If you work for a company that relies on industrial scales to accurately weigh large amounts of heavy materials integral to your manufacturing process, then you understand the importance of finding a load cell manufacturer that you can trust.

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Factors You May Not Have Considered with Industrial Floor Scales

Posted on 02nd Dec 2016

Not only is owning the right equipment to get the job done essential for a manager or owner of any processing, packaging, or production company, but it’s also vital that the equipment is able to endure the wear and tear of the environment.

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Choosing the Right Tension Load Cell Product

Posted on 27th Oct 2016

Tension load cells serve many important purposes, ranging from laboratory balances to industrial scales. A load cell is essentially a transducer that generates an electrical signal with directly proportional force

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How to Choose Bench Scales for Your Applications

Posted on 12th Sept 2016

Bench scales are one of the most popular and frequently used type of weighing scale and can be used for both industrial weighing and simple counting applications.

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What You Need to Know About Load Cells

Posted on 08th Sept 2016

Electronic scales or weighing machines are used every day, whether it is in a jewelry shop, grocery store, or even in situations where very high accuracy is not of paramount importance.

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Qualities of a Highly Capable Industrial Scale Company

Posted on 30th Aug 2016

The right weighing instruments can help your company increase its productivity, reduce raw material waste, and improve its quality. At Hardy Process Solutions,

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A Primer On Load Cell Terminology

Posted on 27nd Aug 2016

A large number of our clients are not process weighing applications and equipment experts. At Hardy Process Solutions, we know that all the jargon and technical terms can be more than a little overwhelming.

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Proper Way to Buy Industrial Floor Scales

Posted on 22nd Aug 2016

If an organization wants to invest in high quality industrial floor scales, then it would be in their best interest to follow all of these suggestions.

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Options To Consider When Selecting A Digital Weight Indicator

Posted on 19th Aug 2016

One of the advantages of being a company that has been in business since 1918 is the experience obtained in working with a lot of different companies in different industries. At Hardy Process Solutions, we work with all industries and systems for all modes of industrial, agricultural and processing weighing needs.

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​Improving Efficiency with an Accurate Weight Scale

Posted on 16th Aug 2016

If you run a business, chances are you already know that efficiency isn’t always measured in time or money—but sometimes, it is measured in weight.

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An Industrial Scale Company Provides Process Measurement — An Important Part in the Manufacturing Process

Posted on 10th Aug 2016

Manufacturing operations in such industries as forest products, aggregate/mining, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetic, petroleum and chemicals, glass and automotive require materials to be weighed at some point in the production process.

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The Role of Accurate Weighing Scales in Production and Delivery

Posted on 25th July 2016

When you are producing goods for sale, it’s a multi-step process. You usually have inventory raw materials, measure materials to make the goods, put those materials together in the manufacturing process, prepare finished goods for shipping, and then ship them… either to a customer or a sales location.

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Industrial Floor Scales–Efficiency and Safety

Posted on 10th July 2016

Industrial floor scales were invented to weigh boxed or palleted materials prior to shipment, but are also commonly used to weigh barrels, and irregularly shaped items. They are often used in conjunction with forklifts to lift heavy items on and off them. They are also ideal for confirming weights of incoming inventory.

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The Compression Load Cell – Common but Mighty

Posted on 17th November 2015

A compression load cell senses and converts mechanical force into electrical measurements used in monitoring and testing process systems, in addition to being a component in operational devices such as scales. Adaptable to an extensive array of applications, compression load cells can be an effective means of improving process control—from receipt of raw materials through packing and shipping of orders.

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Weighing Scale Manufacturer – Providing Measurement Solutions Across Industries

Posted on 05th November 2015

Weighing scales and systems can help various industries in every stage of their operations to collect and analyze data, measure inputs, and monitor waste so as to be as efficient as possible. As a weighing scale manufacturer, we at Hardy Process Solutions have scales to meet your particular operation.

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When Choosing Floor Scales, it Pays to Weigh all of Your Options

Posted on 13th October 2015

Many manufacturing industries rely on industrial weighing instruments and scales of all sizes to manage their daily business. Manufacturers use various scales to weigh items throughout the production process: from inventory of raw materials, batching and blending products on assembly lines, packaging finished goods, quality control inspection to final shipments leaving a plant.

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Precision Bench Scales are Essential to Many Businesses

Posted on 09th June 2015

Step into a post office and you'll see countertop scales used for weighing bulky envelopes and packages. In the checkout line at the grocery store, you'll notice that the cashier is using a scale to weigh fruits and vegetables.

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Choosing the Right Load Cell

Posted on 27th March 2015

When measuring large loads as part of your storage, shipping or production process, special equipment is needed. That equipment will often involve the use of a measuring component called a load cell. Hardy Solutions offers a variety of different types of load cells, and choosing the right one for the type of loads you handle is crucial.

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Not All Platform Scales are Created Equal

Posted on 16th January 2015

There is in a tendency for people to distrust the accuracy of scales. Whether it's the bathroom scale, the produce scale at the grocery store or the scale at the post office, we always tend to think that things are just a little lighter than what the scale says. For personal use, it's all well and good to have questions about a scale's accuracy-but in the end, you're talking about a few calories or a few cents - no big deal. For industrial use, however, the accuracy of a scale can influence thousands of dollars in costs. That's why accurate industrial scales are such a vital part of any business.

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Load Cells – The Vital Component in Any Weighing System

Posted on 21st October 2014

Load cells are at the heart of every weighing system. These highly accurate transducers have been specifically designed to detect force or weight fluctuations under a wide range of adverse conditions. This information is then converted into an electrical signal which is sent to a remote computer or recorder so that load, pressure and strain, among others, can be monitored.

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Introduce a New Level of Efficiency into Your Weighing Processes and Applications

Posted on 22th September 2014

Process weighing plays a critcial role in a wide variery of industries. Reliability, accuracy and performance are becoming increasingly important in our difficult economic climate as businesses strive to reduce waste and increase efficiency and productivity.

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Upgrade Your Manufacturing System with an Efficient Weighing Solution

Posted on 19th September 2014

Accurate industrial weighing scales are an important part of any manufacturing environment, including the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering industries, to name but a few. They provide sensitive and essential information, which is then utilized in many different areas of the business, including financial, operational and legislative.

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Commercial & Industrial Scale Systems for Greater Productivity

Posted on 28th July 2014

Could your company benefit from accurate weighing scales and technology? Hardy Process Solutions serves manufacturers and processors by purveying a wide array of products designed to improve operations for companies in many industries. Having the right weighing and processing solutions in place will streamline various applications within your company, allowing you to meet the global demands and regulatory requirements of the industry you work within. With greater process management and overall efficiency, you'll develop a stronger organization that's capable of exceeding customer demands.

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Accurate Weighing Solutions - The More in Control You are, the Better

Posted on 16th July 2014

In the case of managing a business operation the greater the ability you have to monitor what is going on with the production process, the better. Not only that, but being able to monitor what is happening accurately allows you to exert more control over the outcome, including profits. Hardy Process Solutions, a commercial weighing and industrial scale company, has been in business since 1918, and since our beginning we have done nothing but specialize in measurement solutions for clients around the world.

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How Manufacturing Engineers Use Load Cells

Posted on 11th July 2014

Although you are probably not aware of it, you come into contact with load cells on a regular basis. This technology is used on things like the industrial floor scales you would find in the loading dock of a busy shipping department. The purpose of load cells is to measure the force, weight, and torque of an object by measuring the bending movements of the load cell structure. Precision measurements can be taken once and then recorded or used as part of a monitoring system, which makes them very important in a variety of different industries.

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