Not All Platform Scales are Created Equal

There is in a tendency for people to distrust the accuracy of scales. Whether it's the bathroom scale, the produce scale at the grocery store or the scale at the post office, we always tend to think that things are just a little lighter than what the scale says. For personal use, it's all well and good to have questions about a scale's accuracy-but in the end, you're talking about a few calories or a few cents - no big deal. For industrial use, however, the accuracy of a scale can influence thousands of dollars in costs. That's why accurate industrial scales are such a vital part of any business.

Why Industrial Scales are Better

Are consumer scales really that inaccurate? Studies by the BioMed Central Public Health indicate that home bathroom scales, particularly the traditional dial type scales, do have inaccuracies that are statistically significant. However, the studies also found that the error could often be attributed to the scale not being zeroed or tared properly. An accurate weight scale made by an industrial scale company will not only be more carefully constructed, but it is also more likely to be used by skilled professionals who will prepare it and read it correctly. Hardy Process Solutions serves manufacturers and processors by purveying a wide array of Commercial & Industrial Scale Systems for Greater Productivity for companies.

Types of Industrial Scales

The two main types of platform scales for light industrial use are bench scales and floor scales. Bench scales usually have a lower maximum capacity than floor scales, and the ability to rest on a bench makes them handy for piece weighing, small ingredients, or assembly and inspection tasks. Bench scales integrate easily with computer weighing and measuring software. Some bench scales are completely sealed for sanitary washdown when there is a danger of bacterial contamination. A floor scale is more heavy duty for weighing heavier objects, such as pallets for shipment, machinery, Again, these can be integrated into a computerized system for easy calibration and data collection.

Uses for Industrial Scales

Accurate weighing scales can be used for a variety of applications in an industrial process. They can be used to optimize stock, pack orders correctly, mix and blend products, check weighing of finished products and more. A good weighing scale manufacturer can create scales for almost any required process manufacturing application.