1734 POINT I/O

The new Hardy HI 1734-WS Point I/O Series Weight Processing Module is a new plug-in module for Rockwell’s Point I/O chassis, the fastest growing segment of Rockwell controllers.  The HI 1734-WS is a true weight processing module, compared to competitive offerings that merely pass weight data through to the PLC for interpretation.  It also will have a Rockwell Add on Profile (AOP) that will automatically recognize the module when it is plugged into the Point I/O chassis.

Rockwell Automation’s 1734 POINT I/O™ chassis is the fastest growing segment of Rockwell controllers. 1734 POINT I/O modules offer digital, analog, and specialty I/O, as well as POINT Guard safety-rated I/O, with one to eight points per module. You can mix standard and safety I/O in the same system. Comprehensive diagnostics and configurable features make POINT I/O easy to apply.

Hardy Products for 1734 POINT I/O

Hardy 1734-WS Weigh Scale Module