ControlLogix® PAC/PLC

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix solutions

Hardy weight modules for the Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® platform condition and digitize the weight signal fifty times per second with over eight million counts of resolution over a differential signal range of -2.5 to 17.5mV. The module then transmits the selectable Gross, Net and/or Rate-of-Change data to the ControlLogix processor.

Add-on-Profiles for the ControlLogix® modules make integration into industrial weighing applications seamless.The module supplies 5 volts of DC excitation to drive up to four 350 ohm load sensors or load cells associated with a single scale. It will support additional load cells with an external power supply.

Hardy supports the use of the producer/consumer technology in the ControlLogix® PAC/PLC to transmit data. This type of communications is an intelligent data exchange in the system where the module produces data without having to be polled.

Hardy PLC modules below are Encompass Approved for the Rockwell Automation Controllogix® platform. 

HI 1756-WS and 1756-2WS Weigh Modules

HI 1756-FC Feeder Controller

HI-1756-nDF Dispenser/Filler