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July 2017

March 2017

December 2016

  • Happy Holidays
  • New Hardy Dynamics Checkweigher
  • Weighing in Comsumer Packaged Goods Brochure
  • Rate & Weight Feeder Controllers
  • Get Connected

October 2016: Special Trade Show Issue

  • See Us at Automation Fair
  • Now I Never Doubt My Scales
  • New Food Processing Brochure
  • Have Confidence in Hardy

August 2016

  • New! Hardy OneMount Load Points
  • New! Integrated Panel Systems
  • Hardy Swivel Mount Enclosure for Weight Procesors
  • Visit us at Automation Fair
  • See us at Pack Expo

June 2016

  • Fastest Weight Processor in the Industry: HI 6500-XP
  • New Footed Load Cells
  • See Us at Pack Expo in November
  • Which is better 3 or 4 Load Cells?
  • Understanding Trends in Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Get Connected

April 2016

  • Control Magazine Award
  • Faceplates/AOIs for Hardy Plug In Weight Modules
  • Hardy Setup Wizard for HI 6500/6300 Series
  • Durable, Reliable Hardy Floor Scales Now Available in Custom Sizes
  • Ask Hardy:  When Do I use Zero or Tare?
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February 2016

  • New HI 6500XP Extreme Weight Processor
  • Pick the Right Hardy Bench Scale for Your Application
  • Hardy Service Has You Covered
  • Hardy Solutions for Food And Beverage
  • Tech Tip:  Accuracy Saves Money
Previous Issues of Hardy Insider
June 2013

- Hardy on the Road

- New Product Showcase: HI 6310

- Tech Tip:  Solving Drift Problems

- New Faces: Hardy International Team

- Preventive Maintenance Agreements

May 2013

New HI 6310 Weight Processor with Multi-Screen Display

December 2012

- Hardy at the North West Food Processors Expo

- New Product Showcase: HI 6300 & Enhanced Easy 8

- In the News: Global Milling Case Study

- Tech Tip: When to Use Zero and When to use Tare

August 2012

- Hardy at the Automation Fair

- New Product Showcase

- Video: Integrated Technician - Easy Troubleshooting

- Partner News: Add On Profiles

- Tech Tip

April 2012

- Hardy at PTXi Show

- New Product: Weigh Scale Modules

- Case Study: Water Treatment Plant

- Tech Tip

- Upcoming Events

January 2012

- First Class Support at your Fingertips

- New Product: HI 4050-CW Checkweighing Bundle

- Whitepaper: Five Factors that Can Affect Weighing Accuracy

- Case Study: C2 Calibration

- Tech Tip: Hardy's Embedded Web Server 

November 2011

 - Visit Hardy at the Rockwell Automation Fair

- New Hardy Selection Guide

- New Product: Coming Soon! HI 1756-nDF Dispenser/Filler Module

- Case Study: Check Weighing

- Tech Tip: How to order HI 4050/4060 with Correct Options

August 2011

 Rockwell Automation Fair coming in November

New Product: Coming Soon! HI 800-WS Weigh Scale Module

Case Study: Sequential Batching

Tech Tip: Why did my weight reading start drifting

June 2011

Hardy Instruments is Changing

New Product: HI 1769-FC Feeder Control Module

Case Study: Rate Control

Tech Tip: Can I view an active Hardy instrument online? 

December 2010

 Product Spotlight: Plug-in weigh scale modules - improve processes, achieve operational excellence

Application Note: Kneading and mixing with the winner of the
Innovation Prize

Tech Tip: Firmware update notifications

Podcast: Hardy Instruments Process Instrumentation Solutions

Facts of Life: How Web 3.0 works

September 2010

Product Spotlight: Batch or continuous process? Both?

Application Note: Bread maker brings in the dough

Tech Tip: Determining minimum feed rates for controllers

Automation Fair: Stock. Make. Pack. Ship.

Facts of Life: How the Large Hadron Collider works

July 2010

Product Spotlight: Enviro™ sanitary bench scales designed to increase food safety

Application Note: Flour mill increases production with improved flow and feed rate

Tech Tip: How do I choose the right bench scale?

Tech Tip: How do I protect my controllers and systems from static electricity?

Facts of Life: How does HDMI work?  

April/May 2010

Product News: Hardy demos on YouTube

Company News: Hardy joins Schneider Electric CAPP program

Application Note: HI 1756-FC improves control and accuracy

Events: Visit us at Powder Bulk Solids / PTXi, May 4 - 6, Rosemont, IL

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting tips - load cells and weight controllers

Facts of Life: How wireless power works

March 2010

Product News: NEW! Hardy launches two new products

Enviro Sanitary Checkweigher

HI 1756-FC Feeder Controller

Application Note: Chemical production company improves reliability & accuracy by 70%

Tech Tip: Do you have sample programs I can reference to help get me started?

Facts of Life: How the US Coast Guard works

July/August 2009

 Products News: Multi-Scale Controller receives Canadian Weights & Measures certification

Product Highlight: Hi 3030 Multi-Scale Weight Controller

Company News: Hardy Instruments and Saturn Scales partner to service Hardy customers in Canada

Tech Tip: Can I have multiple scales on a single weight controller channel?

Facts of Life: How do UPC bar codes work?

June 2009

 Product News: HI 4060 Rate Controller now available in wall mount enclosure

Company News: Hardy adds new channel partners for Canada and Europe

Application Note: How do you measure level by weight?

Tech Tip: Can I measure multiple scales with only one controller?

Facts of Life: How do GPS phones work?

April/May 2009

Product Spotlight: ANY-WEIGH® Bench and Floor scales

Application Note: Electronic calibration in coal weighing reduces downtime and hazards

Tech Tip: What preventative maintenance do I need to perform on my scales and load cells?

Tech Tip: How can I receive firmware updates for my HI 3000 Series or HI 4000 Series controller?

Facts of Life: How does WiFi work?

March 2009

Product News: HI 4050 weight controller now available with wall mount option

Technical Article: What is force measurement?

Tech Tip: Why are we seeing weighing errors using hard calibration?

Tech Tip: What accuracy can I expect on my belt weighing system?

Facts of Life: What is the origin of April Fools' Day?

February 2009

Product News: New HI 4060 loss-in-weight rate controller now available

Technical Article: What is rate by weight?

Application Note: Tile manufacturer achieves 100% improvement in print quality and significantly reduces waste

Tech Tip: How can I determine the capacity of a load cell?

Facts of Life: How do energy-efficient electronics work?

January 2009

Product Spotlight: ADVANTAGE® Lite Load Points - superior performance at an exceptional value

Company News: Hardy Vibration Monitoring line now handled by our sister company, Metrix Instrument Co.

Tech Tip: Why are we seeing weighing errors using hard calibration?

Tech Tip: When welding near load cells, what precautions need to be followed?

Facts of Life: Where can I recycle my old electronics?